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“Blitz Blue” Nike Kobe 8

May 28, 2013 BY / 19

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While the Nike LeBron X and the Nike KD V seem to be done for thanks to the Elite transition, it appears that the Kobe 8 still has some gas in the tank. Said gas comes in the form of the “Blitz Blue” Nike Kobe 8, a sneaker which applies a streaky set of blues across its upper and a total crimson colored Swoosh that has them almost looking like an NYC tie-in. Get a look at the full set of images for this new Nike Kobe 8 pair right after the jump and join us in the wait for their retail arrival.

Nike Kobe 8

Photos: SA

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Here comes Kobe's dweebie fans to suggest that "shoe of the year" babble. They are the only morons who run around stating such madness.  Most people in the world are happy to have at least one pair of shoes, and here come you mental midgets, suggesting that this shoe is what it's all about.

Shut up. Anyone who actually plays and then plays hard, knows that you don't need Kobe Bryant's shoes in order to get it done.


Nice cw. I like the 8s for casual function over fashion though. They dont make me feel supported enough when hooping, but they're great for days when i know i'll be on my feet awhile. I've tried these and other models out and i can't seem to put the Xs down when it comes to hooping.


i agree AKP and if you ball its the best shoe ever made so light but still give you great support


Clearly The Kobe 8 line has won the 2012-2013 Season Battle!


To each his own. The kobes are nice, but actually prefer the 7s to the 8 in terms of performance. The Xs take the cake though.


Completely agree! Kobe 8 shoe of the year


@AKPifstars u trippin! Its better than last year but I dont think its topping the X's and Jordans. This CW is fire though. Might be my first pair of 8.


How bout u try again... Make sure it make sense this time ok... We all kno ur a Kobe lover... Ur wearin his jersey & shoes right now


U can't say fuck me & move on if u respond to me every time... Fuckin dumbass... And dis isn't fuckin English/grammar class. So don't tell me how to say shit on a SNEAKER BLOG... Ur jus a hater, and u hate greatness, and u hate 1 of da best basketball players to ever play Cuz he's a WINNER... If Kobe stole ur girl, then fuck her. U weren't suppose to b wot da whore anyway... And u write looking ass fuckin dumb hatin statements bout a nigga u don't kno shit about except wat u read online & see on sports center... How bout u get da COMPLETE story b4 judging sum1... And wat about u, wat kinda foolish shit have u done, wat kinda mistakes have u made in ur life... Sounds like u livin in a glass house & tryin to throw boulders... Get a fuckin life & leave GREATNESS alone. Arguably top 15 best player ever to play & all u do is hate. Holla at me when lebron gets 5 (which probably won't happen) then u MIGHT have sumthin to say. But til then, stop clicking on Kobe, stop reading bout Kobe, stop searching Kobe in Google & YouTube.. Cuz ur hate at da end of da end is really love. Ur comments are still makin Kobe RELEVANT. And I thought u didn't want him relevant anymore... Jus a self loathing hater dat doesn't have shit else to do wit his life then talk about nigga dats been doin big things fa a long time... While u sit their a watch him do big things



No, I am simply saying fuck YOU, then moving on, doing what it is that I want to do. 

Perhaps you should take a writing and diction course, instead of paying so much attention to what it is that EYE am doing. 


If u hate Kobe so much why do u ALWAYS Click on his shoe post?... Why do u ALWAYZ read da articles on Kobe... Why do u alwayz search on tube about KOBE... seems like to me, if u hate sum1, u would have no reason to read & say somethin about him on EVERY POST... Wat did Kobe do u to personally is wat I want to know.. Cuz only a person dat has been effected personally would go on continual rants about a person he doesn't like... That's why dudes on here say u love him & ur putting up a front on disliking da man... If u don't like sum1, u wouldn take time out to click on da post, read all da articles & then leave a dam novel of a comment...If u ddon't like him, then simple say, fuck Kobe & move on...

David Brennan
David Brennan

Oh sorry I didn't know that you meant performance wise. I agree yhe x's are better performance wise. The viii's are more comfortable than the x's, but the x's have better support and they do feel better while playing in.


@David Brennan @kicks67 @AKPifstars  

I wasn't saying better. I was considering sales. I have Kobe VII's and they are just ok in comparison to the VI's. VI's felt way better on court than the VII. As far is VIII's i haven't liked any enough to buy them except these (unreleased) the sulfurs (sold out) and the Xmas (re-seller bait). I have a couple pairs of X's and one pair of elites and they feel great albeit a lil-small. My retort was in regards to sales not performance which is a whole different argument (not arguing) because numbers don't lie.

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