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Nike to Discontinue LIVESTRONG Products

May 28, 2013 BY / 14

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Lance Armstrong’s stock in the sporting community continues to fall, as his most prominent endorsers over the years is putting a little bit more distance between them and the cyclist. You’ll recall that Nike originally terminated their partnership with Armstrong back in October of 2012 but maintained that they would continue to support the LIVESTRONG foundation. Indeed that commitment remains, as they’ll still be funding them directly in the wake of the total cancellation of further products branded with the foundation’s logo. Give us your thoughts after you check out the official statement below.

via NIKE Inc.
Nike has made the decision to stop producing new LIVESTRONG product after its Holiday 2013 line. We will continue to support the LIVESTRONG Foundation by funding them directly as they continue their work serving and improving outcomes for people facing cancer.

We are proud of the collective efforts between Nike and the LIVESTRONG Foundation to raise more than $100 million to help people with cancer, distributing 87 million LIVESTRONG wristbands and serving and improving health outcomes for more than 2.5 million people with free cancer support services, programs, tools and resources.
Photo: House of Honda

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Usually comment about sneakers but this shocked me.....

Nike should definitely look at the money raised and feel good about their efforts... I also think the money raised should make Nike reconsider parting ways with a foundation that seems to be fighting for cancer victims and survivors... While Lance made a human mistake of lying and using steroids, Nike has to realize the great work that together Nike and Lance have done for cancer... Cancer has affected many lives in this world... Losing those contributions, (monetary or marketing products) could cause many more lives to be affected... In this case... Nike, DON'T DO IT... R.I.P to my dad and all the others we lost from cancer....


Ending a charity to support cancer victims because one guy cheated is a dumb move.


Awwww, does this mean that Nike will not end up releasing the limited edition NIKE X LIVESTRONG X HGH collection???


Took longer then expected but I figured dis would happen wit lance fuckin up


@Bigga  Finally, someone who saw the good he did...!!!! Thank you @Bigga. 

So yes, no doubt he lied and cheated in the Tour De France, but the good that came out of it was the foundation he created which gave hope and encouragement to fight to millions of people. As a survivor of multiple brain surgeries and months of radiation therapy, 20 years living with this, I'm alive today and I owe it to Lance Armstrong for giving me hope and will when I was ready to give up and die.  If I had to choose, I'd take the lie and the millions helped vs not lying and millions suffering.  Amazing how the media is so one sided when it comes to Armstrong lying, but when the president lied about our health care, we hear  "He didn't know", "Forgive him".  My favorite.... Oprah after Armstrong interview: "I don't forgive him", but for Obama, "It's disrespectful how people are treating the house"


In not a wanna be thug u fuckin dumb fuck... No1 is even talkin to ur punk pussy ass no way... So stay ur ur lame ass Lane... Fuckin fag

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