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Nike Basketball Inside Access: The Next Generation of Women’s Basketball

June 4, 2013 BY / 13

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Nike’s commitment to the growth of women’s basketball has been well-established for many years, as they’ve partnered up with the game’s legends in Cynthia Cooper, Lisa Leslie, and Sheryl Swoopes early on and sponsored the WNBA at its debut. A dedicated effort by Nike combined with stellar play and global influence by the “Big Three” of women’s hoops has forged incredible growth in the sport over the years, but a rather energetic boost in 2013 thanks to three young phenoms has brought a new level of excitement to the game. Brittney Griner, Elena Delle Donne, and Skylar Diggins were selected first, second, and third in this year’s WNBA draft, and while we can expect to hear their names throughout the current season, there’s no doubt that the names of Griner, Delle Donne, and Diggins – the new “Big Three” of women’s basketball – will be echoed throughout the next generation of the sport.

Currently, Griner, Delle Donne, and Diggins are letting their names be known with their elite game, but we at Sneaker News have taken extra notice as we’ve covered their various in-game Nike Player Exclusives. Their reputation as the newest “Big Three” in the sport and with Nike has suited them well, with Griner and Delle Donne balling in the Nike Zoom Hyperdisruptor and Diggins rocking the Nike Kobe 8, but we’re left to wonder if any of these future superstars has the potential to be a Nike Basketball signature sneaker – the first since Sheryl Swoopes and the Nike Air Swoopes. Check out some in-game shots of the fresh-faced Big Three below, and let us know if a women’s Nike signature shoe would welcomed in today’s landscape of basketball sneakers.

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American pu ssies are the best......i want to jam that skylar. Btw im cu mming


Skylar is so sexy i would go crazy on her lol 


Brit G is gonna b da shaq of her sport when its all said & done... She's a Dunkin machine & does it effortlessly... And ur teammate is DT, yea, she's gonna get sum rings

Jonathan Broder
Jonathan Broder

skylar is hot and if jay-z signed her i will go with the hova on this one!!! go skylar!! 

Jonathan Broder
Jonathan Broder

skylar!!! not hating but brittney's voice is as deep as lebrons. lets be real...not hating..just saying! 


Griner doesnt look that bad. She probably play for the other team but if she dressed up like the other girls she would be able to hold her own.


@Jonathan Broder

Skylar bad but she got that strong jaw line. Besides that shes damn near flawless. Brittney can still get it though she'll be my Doctor Girlfriend from Venture Brothers.


Its not really comin out when pretty much everybody already knew she was gay tho lol... I mean was it really a mystery. And she's a WNBA player


@TheShoeWizard @Da_Real_Big_Infinite

Ya'll both right... I mean I kinda figured because she fits the stereotypical description of lez basketball player but i didn't want to assume.  I don't follow the WNBA so as far as her personal life goes i might as well have been under a rock and that's where ill remain on the subject. She and the other two can still get the wood though and thats all that pretty much matters...


Its all good. But it wasn't like it was a big secret... Even my wife when she told me bout her in her freshman yr at Baylor, she was, daaaammm dats 1 tall ass lesbian hahaha... So she didn't have to "come out" to b known as gay. Da way she dresses & carries herself was kind of a dead give away bro lol... And she's in a sport where dam near da entire league is gay.


@Da_Real_Big_Infinite Come on son.  I had no idea what her personal "preference" was for a mate.  That is really none of my business anyway.  I was just stating a fact earlier.  Maybe I'm not in the right underground WNBA circles, or I would have been told ahead of time like you were :P

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