Air Jordan V Original Prototype

June 5th, 2013 by | 13 comments

air jordan v prototype 2 Air Jordan V Original Prototype

Can you imagine this original colorway of the Air Jordan V without that beloved 3M tongue treatment? Or without the see-through lace lock accessory? Shown here is an incredible prototype pair of OGs, an image lifted from a sales brochure that was floating around ahead of the shoes’ original release. Other differences include a switched up set of teeth for the midsole, a different build for the collar, and the inclusion of just three holes on the top eyelet piece. Tell us if you like the look of this crazy prototype version of the Air Jordan V dug up by Phase2, and let’s pray that they might one day surface.

air jordan v prototype 1 Air Jordan V Original Prototype

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tongue looks straight! i kinda like that.

the teeth/mids lookin like this shoe was coped in a moroccan bazar...


Love this. The IV style tongue tag, the smaller teeth on the midsole--a step away from the tweaks that made it iconic.  Thanks for the post. 


"Lets pray one day they might surface"? SN you fuckin serious? Why the fuck would we want these wack shits see the light of day. bunch of wack hypebeast writing stupid shit


its interestin to see how things change.  dese right here might just may as well be a mache custom imo


All I know is that I'm just glad they made the needed revisions before they released the final result. But the prototype don't look too shabby either, as a matter of fact.  Still pretty nice.

Thanks for sharing this piece of history with us!


They look like they came a long way before the final model, that's a nice peace of sneaker history. 


Doesn't look as good as the current model

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