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LeBron James’ Greatest Off Court Sneaker Moments

June 11, 2013 BY / 12

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When LeBron James is on the basketball court you can bet that he’ll be wearing his latest signature release from Nike. But what does King James like to wear when he’s not putting in work on the hardwood? This Complex list gives us a good idea, compiling some of his greatest off-court footwear moments from over the years. There are, of course, still lots of Nike LeBron moments-but it doesn’t stop there. Nike Air Max stuff pops up pretty frequently throughout, there are a couple of unexpected gems like the Nike Air Zoom Toki, and there’s even a rare adidas moment. Continue reading for a small sampling and then head to Complex for the full piece on LeBron James’ greatest off-court sneaker moments.

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He got nikes on the last pic


Cleanest fit was with the corks.


Bron thats how we rock it at home still versatile and different we been wearing jordans and nikes all are life now its time to be on that grownman shit the style is sick bra coming from one yo akron brothers 330 akron life swag


That last pic is straight comedy. If Adidas had as much money as Nike, then offered it to LeBron, things would be a whole lot different in the sneaker marketplace.


Pleeeeeenty of heat over da yrs.... They need to show lebrons closet like they did fa CP3


@Dr Kumar Singh MD @Longstroke

I don't know about that. I am quite certain that a person like LeBron, especially with his personality and ever evolving game, would do well with any brand. I mean, let's be real, his brand mate Kobe Bryant sits in a distant second to him in sales, a very distant second I might add, with Jordan in first selling over three billion. Kobe's shoes sit on the east coast, where he is deemed a complete phony.  It's not the brand that sells the shoes, it is the personality. 


@Dr Kumar Singh MD @Longstroke @Da_Real_Big_Infinite

Perhaps you feel that Kobe's shoes with Adidas sucked, but there many others who feel that they do not suck. If there were such a bad feeling about his Adidas line, I don't think that Adidas would have any luck with the retro's of such shoes, now would they?  The Crazy 8's do well, as do the Top Ten 2000's. Funny thing is, they are doing even better, without Kobe's name being attached!   People who actually play basketball, those like myself, paid attention to LeBron's early shoes with Nike. They were great hoops shoes. It wasn't until that South Beach crap, then the change of designers from Link to Petrie, that the quality of 'bron's shoes started to go down hill. The swooshes began falling off, materials chipping, and then trying to make a broader appeal to the hypebeasts, those who say that LeBron's kicks didn't matter, until the South Beach.

Just because his shoe didn't sell out in a weekend back then, does not mean that they did not sell well.

No matter what anyone says, even in his leanest time, LeBron's shoes have always outsold that of Kobe Bryant.

If he were with Adidas, LeBron would do well due to who he is. 

Dr Kumar Singh MD
Dr Kumar Singh MD

@Longstroke @Da_Real_Big_Infinite OK, then, explain why when Kobe was with Adidas his shoes sucked???  Suddenly, with Nike people are paying attention to his shoes (finally).  And btw, it took about 4 or 5 Nike Kobes for people to start buying them.  The first models sat...and sat...and sat.  Same with Lebron.  It really wasn't until the South Beach Lebron 8 that people really started taking Lebron's Nike line seriously.  Sure, his previous model sold, but they DEFINITELY DID NOT sell out in a weekend.  And same crap with KD.  Marinate on that for a while.



Designers and designs, do not sell shoes. just take a look at Tinker Hatfield, who has had more misses than hits in his career. Without Jordan wearing his stuff, Nike and Hatfield would have had a huge problem on their hands. It's well documented that Jordan's profile raised Nike's sex appeal, and it was not the other way around. Jordan wore it, so it's cool. Also, the quality of Nike's most recent sig shoes are horrible. The only problem with both Rose and Durant, is that they are a bit droll, while in comparison to LeBron James. Rose's shoes do well for Adidas, but since he didn't play at all last year, really hurt his visibility.

LeBron with any other brand, would still be LeBron, as it is HE that sells shoes.


Explain KD & D Rose then... Those dudes are great guys & they shoes sit... I agree, if he went wit adidas his shoes wouldn be nearly as popular as they are now. They don't have shoe designers like Nike to give off an appeal to da masses

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