a-Lo-Hi Footwear

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a lo hi sneakers 06 a Lo Hi Footwear

Landing somewhere between luxury and street-level is a-Lo-Hi, a new footwear imprint that wedges itself between a couple different genres. The sneakers will come in a couple separate style: the Lo pictured here aiming a bit more towards the aformentioned street-level style. The sneakers sport lightweight premium canvas, a tongue that can be folded down, and the new LO logo that shows up towards the bottom via some die-cut taping. Continue reading to get a first look at the shoe and watch for the sneakers to make their debut on the a-Lo-Hi website on June 16, 2013.

a lo hi sneakers 05 a Lo Hi Footwear

a lo hi sneakers 01 a Lo Hi Footwear

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looks like a pair of chucks to me...