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Nike KD VI Designer Leo Chang Talks Meteorology, Pricing, Precision Watches & More

June 28th, 2013 by / 9

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During the KD 6 Unveiling yesterday at the Seat Pleasant Activity Center, Nike designer Leo Chang played a unique and necessary role by providing the design-anchored insight on the Nike KD VI. After all, he’s the one who was responsible for completing such a heavy task – one that required the incorporating of a laundry list of details while keeping Nike’s innovative spirit at heart. Throughout six models, Leo Chang has brought Durant’s emotional hometown upbringing to life, using his next-level designs as the vessels to the communicate the story. But Leo’s a wordy guy who loves to talk about KD and the shoes, so during the unveiling event, we sat down for an in-depth chat session to explore the shoes, the colorways, the inspiration, and much more.

If you’ve been following our ongoing interviews with Leo (most recently the Nike Elite 2.0 Series and the Nike KD V), it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to you that his ability to convey his ideas is just a reflection of his total immersion in the KD line. Due to the limited time, we only got to point out the firstmost aspects of the Nike KD VI that you, the reader, might be curious to know more about, but as expected, Leo provided all the answers we were looking for – the design function of the asymmetrical tongue, the $130 price-point, and much more. The Nike KD VI is ready to launch soon, with the DC/Pre-Heat hitting tomorrow in limited numbers and globally on July 3rd, so find out more about the KD VI below and stay tuned to Sneaker News for continued exclusive coverage of the Nike KD VI Unveiling in Seat Pleasant, MD.

Many thanks to Leo Chang and Nike Basketball.

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Please stop splitting these stories up into 700 different pages. It's extremely unnecessary. I understand you need your ad revenue, but it makes it really annoying to read.  


i think Nike should try something different, no matter what this guys do, they will design KDs and Brons, change your designers, this guys are good but someone else would bring something new to these shoes. 


NIKE.INC isn't silly enough to release a poopy KD model, and I remember at least half of the public hated the KD V when it first released but went crazy with different CWs. not sure about the DC pre-heat event with history/meaning behind it. plus they look mad awkward with pants on!


Leo, you are wack now. You were starting to become one of my favorite designers when you did the KD4. But I'm not so sure now. But you still got plenty of time to redeem yourself. If you do, then maybe I'll change my mind.


That tongue looks stupid with jeans... I wouldn't wear these KDs casually, it doesn't work


he sucks, his shoe designs are ass.


Those Metorology ones are the best looking in my opinion. The others are a second thought.


@harisfazlani WHAT are you saying man? you don't get that much more "ad revenue" by splitting the page in 7. yeah they probably get a lot of press kits but they're not trying to annoy you/readers by splitting the page in 7, maybe 10 max. (some are 30 which are a bit much lol)

you should be appreciating the fact this blog exsisting in the first place

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