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Massive Air Jordan Collection by Evian Chow Featured in FRANK Chapter 52

July 1st, 2013 by / 12

It’s not too often that we get to take a look at the sneaker collections of Asia, as our convention coverage that usually houses that sort of content is generally focused on the US and Europe. Bringing us up to speed is this piece from Frank 151, which takes a look at the horde of Evian Chow, a guy billed here as “a candidate for China’s biggest sneakerhead”.  Take a look at Evian Chow’s massive group just after the jump, one that ends up pretty heavy on the Jordans, and tell us if you’re impressed by the glimpse given.

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A collection without AJXI ?

Also questioning those purple AJXIIs...


these questions of authenticity/fakes are ridiculous...yea he is from china...would you buy/wear fakes?...especially if you had the money to buy real ones...dont hate appreciate haha


If any of you are fans of the kobe line you jaw would have dropped lol


decent, how ever i doubt they are all authentic. being from china, there are whole shopping districts that sell fake stuff.

Brads Pitt
Brads Pitt

Now we know who buys all those expensive samples. "Dummy" they will fall apart one day but money stays together in one piece.


I guess when u live in China, u also got 1st dibs on products. Straight frum da factory lol


@obiz9 Well I doubt they're fake.  However, why should we be impressed by a collection from a kid who's parents may very likely have gained their wealth from crime?  That'd be like being impressed by Al Capone's kid's shit.


"may very likely"...as we have no proof either way i like to stay away from presumptions or assumptions because we cant prove it either way all we can do is bs about stuff that really holds no water anyway so why not just appreciate for what it is...a sick collection period...

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