President Jamie Foxx Wears Air Jordan IVs in “White House Down”

July 8th, 2013 by | 7 comments

president jamie foxx air jordan iv white house down President Jamie Foxx Wears Air Jordan IVs in White House Down

Air Jordan sightings in movies and television are nothing new, as the 1990s in particular were littered with on screen moments giving shine to a host of OG heat. It’s another thing entirely to have the footwear specifically called out though, as is the case in this clip from the new flick White House Down. The moment comes at a point where Jamie Foxx, playing the role of the POTUS, is rolling around and wrestling with a terrorist who grabs at his feet, prompting the immediately quotable “Get your hands off my Jordans!”. Continue reading to check out the scene featuring Jamie Foxx and the Air Jordan IV “Fire Red” and let us know how you feel about this sneakers in cinema moment down in the comments.

0 President Jamie Foxx Wears Air Jordan IVs in White House Down
via Gary Warnett

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this movie looks horrible, and these fours are super clean, i love my pair. hes an amaizing actor for real tho, i understand why he would do a film like this tho, i mean how could you say no to like 20 million dollars to do some silly little action comedy. but i WILL NOT be seeing this unless its for free and being streamed on line and i have nothing else to do


Haven't seen the movie, and nor do I want to. Jamie Fox really lowered himself down to play such a cheesy movie. That line is WAY forced. Even an obsessed Jordan fanatic wouldn't have said that in a moment of life or death, let alone the POTUS. I mean realistically the president could get any shoe, no matter how rare, for FREE. He wouldn't need to stress over some fire red 4s that everyone and their momma have. Once I heard that line in a commercial, I knew this was a dumb movie attempting to cater to the black and white masses who only care for explosions and Hollywood bodies. Well this movie and that Lone Ranger crap shows, even the masses won't roll out full scale to see this type of cheese anymore. We've been spoiled by the Dark Knight trilogy and several other action movies with great depth beyond the explosions.


oooooooooookkkaaaaayyaa... movin on. SMH at SN's


why they gotta be racist like this though


If the president was played by a white man, he wouldn't have been saying that shit


J Foxx had a few pair of Js in da movie actually... Good movie too. A lot of action

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