New Balance 99x Story Video

July 9th, 2013 by | 6 comments

new balance 99x New Balance 99x Story Video

“Making shoes like we did 30 years ago are some of the main principles of why we exist today.”

New Balance broke the sneaker market open in 1982 when they released the 990 flagship running shoe at an unprecedented $100 MSRP. This was the start of a serious movement, both in terms of athletic footwear pricing and the 990 series that has become arguably NB’s most successful lineage to date. The 990 OGs brought back the original Vibram-soled goodness that started the whole thing, and following that 30th anniversary celebration, New Bal moves in a different direction with the REVlite update for the 996′s 25th. Click through to see a video depicting the whole 990 family from its origin to the near future and stick with Sneaker News for all the latest release info.

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@ Baby Gerald You must be under 25. I bet you think you a sneaker head too right? Wrong! New Balance is a fucking classic. Do your homework  ya rook. You sound like a true novice.

baby gerald
baby gerald

White hairs and beard wore these when I was a kid- mostly running the track at the college gym across the street from my high school.  For about twenty years that was their chief clientele in my eyes and it still is today.  

 I don't care how many collabs the do, that's all I can associate with that giant N.  And if I put five NB shoes uncaptioned in a lineup, how many people could correctly guess the model numbers of all of them?


OMFG the 995 and 997 are AMAZING. Cant wait


Haha this guy. I mean who would want hand made shoes with premium materials and a correct shape? This guy probably loves jordans since they are plastic shit made in chineese sweatshops for a dollar. Keep eating mcdonalds and buying nike and keep your eyes closed.

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