Air Jordan 3Lab5: Inside the Lab

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When thinking back on some of the most iconic materials, patterns and prints in sneaker history, it’s clear that the Air Jordan line is in a category all by itself when it comes to blazing trails and setting trends for years to come. With each new model in the lineage, the Air Jordan series has pushed and evolved footwear design in bold new directions and the rest of the sneaker industry has always taken note and followed suit. Nowadays, you can find design cues that originated with the Air Jordan catalog present on all different types of shoes from just about any brand you can think of.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and Nike/Jordan Brand has usually taken these recurring incidents of sneaker plagiarism in stride, content in setting new bars and watching the competition scramble to keep up. After all, in most cases, you can’t claim ownership of a color or a type of leather or a certain pattern,

so like in any industry, there will always be competitors eager to follow the lead of those sitting at the top of the creative food chain.

Now almost 30 years deep, the Air Jordan line has a track record that speaks for itself, but there’s something to be said for getting credit where it’s due. This fall, Jordan Brand will drop some knowledge on the sneaker game by way of a new premium collection that pays homage to the history of the line and the groundbreaking design achievements that were introduced along the way. With 2013 being the “Year of the V”, it makes perfect sense for the Air Jordan 3Lab5 to be the shoe to kick things off. While photos have been floating around for a while, the full story has yet to be told, so go inside “the lab” with Sneaker News Select for everything you wanted to know about the 3Lab5 and the Air Jordan Elements collection.

42 thoughts on “Air Jordan 3Lab5: Inside the Lab

  1. Alot of folks dont like em but I personally love the over the top cement print on these 5’s, So JB need to set a confirm release date!

  2. Cool concept, nice quality material, but this V is no bueno. Looking forward to seeing what other designs come but I don’t like these at all

  3. I agree that this specific pair is kinda hard to look at, and a $250 price tag is steep – but on the other hand, the quality is great as you can see from the pictures and the whole idea of this line is pretty cool to me. I’m excited to see what else comes from this concept.

  4. I want to see the samples that got passed up. We all know by now that the people who make decisions on cws at jb have horrible taste.

  5. NOT for $250! not when it costs the same to produce a III or a V. JB slap yoself, w baby powder in youre hands!!

  6. man an all 3m 3 would be pretty dope concept just look at the green beans and those 3m six rings pretty dope shoes hope they really experimenting with that in the lab jaja

      • donaldkun calladito95 i cant believe i forgot about those, those are the ones that got me into Js jaja and i forgot about them but yeah those 3M toros are dope too and don’t forget them laker 6s only thing i don’t like about those is the stiching

  7. Reading through the entire article. I can say this concept is so dope and I can’t wait to see what Jordan Brand has in store for this lab project. You shouldn’t judge the concept by the photo off the first page which 95% of you bitch ass sneaker heads have done.  These will leave a mark in Jordan Brand history….

  8. honestly this just makes me restore all hope for jordan brand this is what its all about paying tribute to the goat taking elements of his carrier from each shoe and sharing it with another one its nice to see there coming up with new concepts i dont even mind the price tag because the material concept story nd packaging is well worth it good thing i work at footlocker lol

  9. Guys, guys. Guys. Listen. Guys, for real. Hear me out. Let’s take… guys… listen.. let’s take elephant print.. hear me out… and put it all over… for real, guys.. put it all over the entire. freakin. shoe. BOOM! Right?!

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