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July 18, 2013 BY / 34

As part of our newly launched Sneaker News SELECT features, we’ll be showcasing some of the best sneaker collections in the world, as well as the dedicated individuals behind all those shoe boxes. First up is a man whose name has been ringing bells for quite a while on the sneaker forums, blogs and social media thanks to a seemingly never-ending supply of rare samples, promos, and PE’s.

You may know him as lilpennymagicfan, TheHeatCheck, or better yet Justin Amazing, but regardless of what name he’s going by, chances are, he’s dropped your jaw numerous times over the years with photos of his remarkable sneaker acquisitions. Continue on for our interview with Justin and an extensive look at one of the more impressive collections you’ll ever see.

34 thoughts on “SELECT Collections: Justin Amazing

  1. my respect goes out to this dude. Nice collection and seems super cool. Not a douche like some collectors.

    • ilovewordplay Yea I agree. He seems like a nice guy but I can’t get over that comment “I don’t let hype determine what I’m going to buy” then goes on to say he doesn’t like the Lebron X Championship pack but has to have anything tied to a big moment in his career. Seemed contradictory

  2. It’s so bitter sweet to look at collections like this for me. To have a collection like this you have to pretty much live in the right area, have a TON of money or ELITE connects. I’m a disabled guy in Kansas so that pretty much blows me out of the water for having the money to have so many OGs and rare pairs and obviously this isn’t the sneaker Mecca of the world and there are basically no connections. I was out of the shoe game and was working on my degree and playing baseball and a brain injury knocked me out of life 5.5 years ago and just saw a select few shoes I had in the 90s and just got a few for nostalgia. Now I’m hardcore into it and have a pretty nice collection but it’s impossible for me to take it to that next level of having the super rare stuff. Still cool to see people who can and aren’t just total dbags who know the right person. Also, I see he has a huge size gap in his collection which must help as finding a 13 in some rare pairs is about impossible.

    • hrbomber1113 Hey man, I feel your bitter sweet moment when you’re looking at his collection. Well, let’s be happy for him as only few people can have the time and resources to pull this collection off. Just enjoy the moment.

      • seanlee3434 hrbomber1113 Yeah man I totally agree. I think my biggest mistake is every time a shoe comes out that I like I buy it. Instead of thinking, “yeah I like those Foams and Kobes but I could get a pair of OG Jordans or some really rare and nice stuff for these regular releases”. Also, because I’m disabled it’s just a collection and never gets worn so I’m strict with sizes and have fallen into a trap of collecting packs and sets etc. It’s not that I own any shoes I don’t like, it’s just that I should probably make a list of the top 100 shoes I want and work on that and anything that comes out on that list or close I get and let the regular stuff pass. Seems it’s very difficult to be able to keep up with the massive retro drops, including Reebok killing my wallet, and get 5-10 pairs a month AND hit up eBay and get some OG versions. When I first got hurt it wasn’t like I was told you’re screwed. Everyone thought I’d be fine until the Mayo Clinic set it straight so I spent so much time collecting like I’m going to be wearing these soon and then switched halfway through to just a look at collection. Regardless, this is a really nice collection and I don’t own a single LeBron. Not because he doesn’t have awesome shoes but you just have to draw the line somewhere and if you’re getting Jordans/Kobes/Pennys/Iversons/90s stuff/Pippen/Griffey etc you can’t just collect them all.

  3. that collection is insane. dude gave love to the 17s, much respect to him cause 17s are one of favorite Js along with 16s.

    • npt he said he COLLECT shoes. he even stated he buy shoes he doesn’t even like because he collects them.

  4. what are the Jordan IV’s on pg 21 they really have my intereague as far as i can gather there a baseball PE for possibly a Milwaukee brewer player… can anyone confirm / deny this or give me more info i just really want to know more about this shoe

    • JustSoChill I’m almost 100% sure they are Andruw Jones trainer PEs for his first year with the Yankees. He always wears Jordan 4 PEs and they’re in Yankee colors as well as his # was 18 in his first year. His logo is also that Brewers-like glove with his # in it. Google Andruw Jones Jordan 4 and you’ll see.

  5. I’m never impressed with collections, because MOST of the shoes in a collection are simply the end result of spending money.  However, the guy gets props for speaking the truth on the foam game and his love for the 17s.

  6. lots of props to this guy!!! some of these bum athletes and wak rappers you post up need to check this and see what a real collection looks like

  7. collection is nice tho, but what this nigga retirement package looking like? spending 4200 on a pair of shoes…..ill leave that to the rich and famous

  8. This is a shame call me a hater but I dont find this amazing at all… alot of people think this is impressive but to me its a real sign of addiction there is no way in the world a person should have this many shoes. I mean really guys think about it what do you gain from having so many shoes? Oh I know a word called “Swagger” or “Fresh2Death”? SMH what is this world comming to.

  9. Im not bein a jus sayin I lik wearin da fresh kicks n mos of da 1s I c r ugly n um a jordan fan anyway..I kno I cnt reali gt n depth bout da rare shytz cuz I wldnt wear any of em if dey wuz ugly 2 me rare or not..I wldnt care if I wuz stupid rich n famous if a million mofos wuz rockin a pair of kicks I likd I wld wear em cuz I lik much props 2 dude 4 ballin out on kicks da gp wldnt dare 2 wear cuz dey nt FRESH2DEAF..keep ballin out man YOLO

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