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New Balance Celebrates “American Rebels”

July 23, 2013 BY / 4

When it comes to “being American”, few other brands can back up the claim quite as confidently as New Balance. Unlike nearly all their major competitors, New Balance still manufactures sneakers domestically. Fewer and fewer products these days feature the “Made in the U.S.A.” stamp that used to appear everywhere you looked, but the Boston-based brand has stuck to their guns through a recession and ever-looming overseas temptations. Rather than shaving significant costs from their bottom line by farming all their manufacturing out to Asia, New Balance preferred to keep 1,300 US factory workers employed and the communities that depend on them left with a means of survival.

New Balance does use facilities in Japan and other parts of Asia for a percentage of their shoe production, but by maintaining five functional factories in the States, as well as their Flimby factory in England, the brand has demonstrated a willingness to go against the grain when it comes to maintaining their pride and history at all costs. In this regard, they have proven to be rebels in their own right, but their latest ten-shoe collection pays tribute to another group of American outlaws. You may have seen a few colorways popping up at retailers already, but there’s still much more to come from the New Balance “American Rebel” collection, which is of course… you guessed it – Made in the U.S.A.

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nice collection...the 998s standout the most of the group...definitely down for the 1300s...they need to put the leather back on the collar...some nice 996 colorways also...a nice fall, spring, summer collection...gonna cost at least 3500...lets see where the real sneaker collectors at...this could be the most expensive pack ever...trying to collect all

Old Head 1
Old Head 1

Yo New Balances suck yo except the blue ones!


You sadly don't understand quality over hype.


Go back to your sweatshop made Jordans you hype beast cunt

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