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Reebok Shaq Attaq “Azure Blue” – Pre-order at Packer Shoes

August 26th, 2013 by / 12

If you remember how quickly the first Reebok Shaq Attaq pair cleared off sneaker shelves, then you’ll definitely see the merit in picking up the next on pre-order. The version we’re talking about is this, a black and blue that again delivers up an Orlando Magic look. Following these Florida looks we don’t know too much about what’s coming for the shoe other than that “Phoenix Suns” colorway that will pay homage to another former Shaq squad. Continue reading to get more familiar with the Shaq Attaq and then grab your pair on pre-order now from Packer Shoes for $160 ahead of their retail release this Friday, August 30th.

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these are so dope..copped my pair already from incaseyouslept.com


$160 for some wal-mart Shaq's, Reeboks been whack we all eno.


I don't fuck with the current trash from Jordan brand by the way.

john travoltron
john travoltron

@isaacdexx like grandpa used to say, "haters gonna hate"!  go ahead and sleep on them, i'm GLAD not everyone is going to be picking them up.  you hypebeasts can have your jordan's, the game is dead.  i'll GLADLY pick these up.  this will probably end up being my favorite cop of the year!  


@isaacdexx jordan is asking for 175usd and they are 10% plastic. shaqs have at least real leather mate


@john travoltron @isaacdexx ^^^ thanks somebody else for actually thinking I care what your opinion of a shoe is. I wouldn't wear these because I don't like the celeb hype(i.e. Tyga, and Trick Ross signed with the company) and the colorway. Understanding it's a orlando colorway and it's to be a retro rerelease I would never wear light, baby, azure or any type of blue on my shoes with exception to my aqua 8s. Now as for current quality I totally agree that Jordan brand is putting out garbage. Case and point the cheaply rubberized leather on the upcoming fire red 5s.. I buy shoes that are OG between the years of 2000-2006 since the masses made Jordan brand a trash commodity currently. I would never wear some Reeboks though. As for hypebeast goes I don't hype shit up I speak facts and buy things that I personally like, why I leave my opinion for not liking these on the page. Lastly,least Nike only uses athletes to promote and not trash rapping stars that aren't shit in my eyes.


@NickBartzis @isaacdexx I don't buy the current trash, fyi I got OG heat and only purchase shoes from 2000-2006 when they actually had quality..thanks for your assumption though..


dont forget 5% cardboard under the insoles lol


@isaacdexx @john travoltronDude you're the worst kind of hypebeast, the one that doesn't even know it. You really think because you have a couple of pieces from Y2K that makes you a real collector? LMAO. Any real head would know WHAT these shoes are. And understand that the people Reebok "hired" to promote these shoes is only on incidental.  These are the shoes from Shaq's ROOKIE YEAR. And the only way that these would mean NOTHING to you is that you weren't even a thought at the time. 

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