Nike Modifies Twitter RSVP Process

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nike twitter rsvp hashtag Nike Modifies Twitter RSVP Process

Nike continues to show their dedication to fairness in the much debated Twitter RSVP process. Their latest measure is a tweak more than an overhaul, but it’s one that will hopefully be a step in the right direction as far as battling the boogeyman bots is concerned. The image that associated Nike stores tweet out for the RSVP will now feature multiple circles around words, some of them chopping the words in half and one of them completely circling a word-the latter being the proper one for the subsequent direct message. Continue reading to get Nike’s official words on the matter below.

via Nike
Nike Store Launches – Twitter RSVP

RSVP is Nike’s process to help manage product launches at Nike retail stores. The RSVP process provides participants an opportunity to stand in the participating Nike store’s line to purchase launch product. Nike’s intent is to make this a fair and fun process for all participants.

In an attempt to deliver a safe and level playing field, Nike reserves the right to ban any participants who make threats, harass or attempt to cheat or abuse the process by any means, including use of programs or scripts that provide them an unfair advantage. Please see the RSVP Terms and Conditions for more information on this policy and other important details.

On the RSVP launch date, a participating Nike store will send an RSVP tweet at a random time, which is your signal that the RSVP process has started for that Nike store. Users must be following the participating Nike store on Twitter to receive the RSVP tweet. This tweet will include a product-specific hashtag that is circled in the attached image. Users must respond with the complete hashtag that is fully circled in the image, not a hashtag with a circle cutting through it.

Once the RSVP tweet is sent, you must send a Direct Message (DM) to the Nike store in order to participate. The DM must include:

The complete launch product specific hashtag found circled in the image tweeted by the Nike store
Your first and last name
Your shoe size (limit one)

Example DM

As DMs with correct information are received by the Nike store, available launch product inventory will be checked and, subject to availability, the Nike store will send RSVP confirmation tweets via DM to successful participants.

Receipt of a confirmed RSVP DM means the participant has successfully reserved an opportunity to stand in the participating Nike store’s line to purchase the requested size. Confirmed RSVP DMs will be sent on a first-respond, first-served basis for your requested size.

Participants with confirmed RSVP DMs must pay for and pick up their launch product (in person with identification matching the confirmed RSVP DM) from the participating Nike store on the day of launch during the timeframe specified by the store. Unclaimed launch product will be re-released at the store’s discretion.

How do you submit a correct RSVP request through DM?

Make sure you are following the participating Nike store Twitter account in order to send a DM. Nike does not need to follow you because its Twitter accounts are verified.

Note: Not all apps with Twitter functionality have DM capabilities. Using on a desktop or the official Twitter app on a mobile device is your best option. If you use a different app for Twitter, test it for DM capabilities before RSVP begins. For more information about sending a DM, see the Twitter Help Center.

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just make enough.  shoes shouldn't sell out every week.  Hell, what's the point of a shoe store then?


That's still not going to work. The bots are still gonna get the shoes. Pointless


fuck nike and fuck the rsvp DM process.. nike rsvp integrity is shit!


For what? I've tried 20 different times to rsvp a shoe and not one confirmation dm was sent back


They should just make all stores first come first serve like the old days its making it harder to get shoes and i dont wanna go through nikelenox to get my laney 5s.


fuck the rsvp why not be 1st come 1st serve point blank


what if you dont have or want to use twitter??

how on earth is this a "fair" playing-field???


Why can't they say mobile devices only or can they put bots on there too?


captcha response nikestore online fuck local stores wtf


whatever bots r still gunna work what r they tryin to make us fell better or something like last time when they said they cancelled a bunch of bot orders and they were gunna rerelease those doernbecher 3s from the cancelled orders we still r yet to see them nike is prolly lying just to hype up there shoes again


lol, they already made something to bypass this, actually they knew nike was going to do this.


@Timz09 That was the ONLY reason I created a twitter account and it hasn't panned out yet

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