Nike Zoom Kobe Dream Season 5

September 5th, 2013 by | 12 comments

nike zoom kobe dream season 5 Nike Zoom Kobe Dream Season 5

The latest Dream Season sneaker from the Nike Kobe line is one that’s been pretty elusive to date. In fact, we’ve not seen anything of the shoe since its initial March, 2013 preview. Finally filling in the gaps in our knowledge about the model are these new angles that span two separate colorways. The two pairs maintain the low cut of the Nike Kobe line and slap a more traditional mesh up front on the toe box as opposed to that EM innovation that we saw on this year’s sig. See more of the Kobe Dream Season 5 below and stay tuned to us for more info on this sneakers.

nike zoom kobe dream season 5 05 570x385 Nike Zoom Kobe Dream Season 5

nike zoom kobe dream season 5 04 570x570 Nike Zoom Kobe Dream Season 5

nike zoom kobe dream season 5 03 570x318 Nike Zoom Kobe Dream Season 5

nike zoom kobe dream season 5 02 570x385 Nike Zoom Kobe Dream Season 5

nike zoom kobe dream season 5 01 570x570 Nike Zoom Kobe Dream Season 5

Photos: Rakuten

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Nike zook kobe tre?

speaking of tre's they need to release some new versions.


I know its ugly but because these only avaible in Asia and Chinese seem to like this design...


what zoom the got? seem like more of a shootaround shoe then a game shoe. Just my opinion


Get your coach fired, bicker with the best big man in the league all year, then chase him away from the team after you tear your achilles in your bullshit shoes, sue your mother, so yeah, it really was a "dream" season.

Here's to hoping that the "dream" continues into next year, as we all need a good laugh! 

J Hayz
J Hayz

reminds me of the Zoom Generations a little bit.


@J Hayz That's what I was thinking. I was thinking a cross between the Generations and the Air Force 25s.


Trailor park dialect?... I didn't kno trailor park trash come onto sneaker blogs to discuss reeboks, nikes, Js & etc... U continue to show how such a fuckin lame u are... I hope u get a job or a hobby soon Cuz ur obsession fa Kobe is really cuttin into ur life when u could b gettin laid... Wish u would spend half as much time talkin bout somethin u like rather then rant about a person u don't... Cuz at da end of da day YOU are makin Kobe relevant by CONTINUING TO TALK ABOUT HIM...u want him to go away right? Keep him outta ya mouth fa once



I see that you are indeed quoting me, but I am having the roughest of times understanding what seems to be some sort of trailer park dialect, a direct effect of inbreeding, crank, and frozen television dinners.



If u didn't understand, why did yo dumbass respond... I'll wait til u wipe kobes cum out of your eyes 1st

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