Nike Hyperfeel: The Art and Science of Feeling

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The new Nike Free Hyperfeel is a sneaker that’s arrived alongside plenty of fanfare from Nike. Their latest space to put the sneakers on display, a giant black temporary structure, is sitting in Manhattan at the moment. The installation allows guests a unique tactile experience that shouldn’t be too far off from running in the actual sneakers given how barefoot leaning they are. What’s more, that black and white colorway just spotted is up for grabs now at the space-keep in mind that that pair hasn’t been available anywhere else just yet. Continue reading for more info and make sure you visit the Nike Hyperfeel “Art and Science of Feeling” exhibit at the corner of 9th avenue and Gansevoort Street at the Gansevoort Plaza in NYC, while it’s there for the weekend.

via Nike Inc

This week in New York City, Nike brings the art and science of natural motion to life through an immersive installation. Housed within a subtle, black-on-black temporary structure, the environmental design provides guests a raw and physical interaction inspired by Nike’s latest running innovation—the Nike Free Hyperfeel.

Three distinct physical spaces make up the labyrinth, which is comprised of different barefoot experiences that amplify nature and provide guests a tactile exploration of environmental elements. Nike partnered with artists Aramique Krauthamer and Jeff Crouse on the projections and visuals to augment the experience and ground feel of common running surfaces like stone, sand, and grass. Equipped with neuro-headsets, visitors produce their own audio-visual installation—informed in real time by the brain’s sensory reaction to the textures underfoot. The installation connects the science of natural motion with cutting-edge contemporary technologies to form an unexpected sensory experience.

The Art and Science of Feeling will be open to the public on Sept. 6, 7 and 8, 2013. Located at the corner of 9th avenue and Gansevoort Street at the Gansevoort Plaza in NYC, a special colorway of the Nike Free Hyperfeel will also be available for purchase at this location.

About Aramique Krauthamer

Aramique Krauthamer is founder of Odd Division, a production company specializing in interactive and immersive media. His work bridges the gap between the physical and digital, inviting audience participation through a combination of traditional story telling and cutting-edge technology. Krauthamer has created installations for major museums, non-profits, record labels, and one president.

About Jeff Crouse

Jeff Crouse creates software, web applications and installations that invite people to interact and enjoy technology in new ways. His projects often involve robots, generative software, crowdsourcing, and computer vision techniques. Crouse’s work is exhibited at galleries and museums globally. He is also a professor for the Design and Technology MFA program at Parsons.

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Jonathan Broder
Jonathan Broder

if the kbix is anything like this we got a winner..hand down!!!  these look nice!!! 


Nike a trip...first they raise the prices now they wanna sell a nigga socks with shoelaces


@SouthSideBaby I tried them bitches on and they are fire for some expensive socks. I just need some other colorways to come out. I like the tril version a lil better but the grooves on the outsole are a lil high for indoor gym activity. Might roll an ankle running. 

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