Rajon Rondo to Join Anta?

September 11th, 2013 by | 9 comments

rajan rondo anta Rajon Rondo to Join Anta?

It appears that Rajon Rondo might be leaving the Nike fold. The Celtics player is one whose name has been rising steadily in the sneaker ranks thanks to a string of impressive wears last season, plenty of PEs among them. Chinese footwear brand Anta recently posted up a teaser featuring a string of silhouettes of players yet to join the team, and a couple of those silhouettes are none other than Rondo, as pointed out by Sole Collector. Rondo is clearly a star at this point, but it seemed like he had sort of reached his threshold with Nike, one that didn’t have him in a sig shoe just yet. Could the move to the smaller pond of Anta be one that will give him a bit more shine and prestige? Let us know your predictions and stay tuned to see how the story pans out.

rondo nba sneakers 03 Rajon Rondo to Join Anta?

rondo nba sneakers 02 Rajon Rondo to Join Anta?

rondo nba sneakers 01 Rajon Rondo to Join Anta?

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I figured dis was gonna happen when da rumor started going around last month... I hope he stays wit Nike Cuz he PE's are some of da dopest on da court. But if da doe is right & they give u ya own SIG shoe, might as well go fa it...


Nike gave him an ACL injury. I'm not surprised at all. If you haven't tried ANTA, chinese brand shoes like peak, anta and li-ning are more comfortable than adidas and almost identical to comfortability with nike and UA. 


Not shocked at all by this. The other brands are catching up in comfort and technology. They've always been able to write big checks, too. I just hope he gets a shoe he can play 82 games in without injury. They must've given him a pretty sweet deal considering he's coming off of knee surgery and his next shoe will be pretty important.


Can't say I'm surprised, I'm sure he is getting way more money and a sig, this a great move for him


:/ Rondo had some crazy PEs though.


Honestly sucks. Was waiting on the day Nike gave Mr Triple Double his own sig. Looks like that day will never come. Oh well, I'll be looking out for RR9 anta sig.


@IanMedina_LoL ,I am agree for your viewpoint,I'm in china, also Im chinese, but the turth is some of Chinese like adidas and Nike more. However , some chinese brand shoes maybe not cheaper than adidas and nike, like Lining wade 1 about $150 in china(chinese Tax higher than US), by the way,Most chinese not believe their brand quality better than adidas , nike even the rebook. Thats reason for that

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