Vanessa Bryant in Nike Kobe 8 Purple/Orange PE

September 18th, 2013 by | 16 comments

nike vanessa bryant nike kobe 8 purple orange pe Vanessa Bryant in Nike Kobe 8 Purple/Orange PE

Surely if you have Kobe Bryant’s surname you should be able to have some of his sneakers free of charge, right? Vanessa Bryant’s certainly got access to some unreleased Nike’s, as evidenced by this social media shot. She’s wearing an as-of-yet unreleased version of the Kobe 8, one that looks a lot like a pair that’s hit the WNBA floor in the past. Word is the Kobe 9 won’t be in stores until 2014, so we’d say there’s still ample time for the pair pictured to get a retail release. Tell us if you’re crossing your fingers in hopes of such a fate and hit the jump to get the full image of this purple/orange pair.

nike vanessa bryant nike kobe 8 purple orange pe 01 570x570 Vanessa Bryant in Nike Kobe 8 Purple/Orange PE
Source: Vanessa Bryant

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He pisses off his parents, sues them, and once she divorces his ass, takes all his cake, who is he going to be left with? 

Niketalkers, the crying man in the video, and Da Real Big Infinite.

I guess he'll be okay.



What, she's got another year before she walks away with more than half of his loot, right?

Good girl, play that sucker for what he is shawty.




Too bad he doesn't have a good relationship wit his parents. Parents dat were given everythin they wanted provided by there son & wanted to get greedy & want more... But ur da 1 dat knows Kobe more then we all do. U tend to keep ridin his dick on a daily.... I Jus hate people dat hate on a person & stalk all of dat persons info fa no reason ... He must b ur real dad & he didn't get u shit in life


you sound like you know him personally


@Kidstoic @Longstroke 

If that clown were drowning in a toilet, I'd help Coach Mike Brown, Dwight Howard, Kobe's parents, the girl from Colorado, and everyone else in the world that hates his ass, to close the lid and then flush.


@Da_Real_Big_InfiniteAs stated before, ENGLISH MOTHERFUCKER, DO YOU SPEAK IT?!

Instead of buying all of those sneakers, you need to invest in Hooked On Phonics and possibly a girl friend, hell even a blow up doll would work for you since you invest in so much garbage, instead of stuttering through while trying to defend Kobe Bryant!


Its hard fa u to do anythin when ur world revolves around da tip of kobes dick


Too bad u are to scared to show ur face while talkin shit... Pussies alwayz talk shit behind a shield & never say how they feel in person


@Da_Real_Big_InfiniteAs shown, your attempts at intelligence are highly unsuccessful, as even your attempts at keyboard gangsterism are weak. 

Without the protection of Nike Talk moderators, you've proven yourself to be nothing but an infant without shame, who is swearing at the sky while in soiled diapers.

Your antics are equal to that of a pedophile, pathetic during his attempt to prove his true love of children.

I am certain that your parents are quite proud of you.

Both you and Kobe Bryant are a good fit together, and hardly anyone likes him either


So are u gonna post da SAME VIDEO on every thread now... Wat a Fuckin dirty, filthy cunt u have become


I wait til u take kobes dick outta ur ass so u can finally think clearly... And if u don't understand me, why do u alwayz REPLY TO ME... Fuckin dumbass, bitch made hater... U wouldnt say any of dis shit if Kobe was in front of u... Fuckin pussy

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