Extra Butter x Asics “Death List 5”: Volume 1

October 8, 2013 BY / 6

SN:  Was it the plan from the beginning to break up the release to be split into two parts like the movies?

Jason:  When a concept is solid from the start, I feel a lot of decisions fall into place rather quick, as evidenced even in the fact that we have chosen 10.10.13 as it’s release date.

Bernie:  There were several production and logistical factors that needed to be worked out with Asics, but the timing did work in that we were able to follow the breakdown like the villians killed in each movie.  Like I said before, the timing of this entire project was just destined!

Jason:  Plus we were excited and willing to wait a bit, when Asics opened us up to the opportunity of working with shoes that had never been retro’d until now – the GT Cool, Gel Epirus, and the Gel Lyte V. But destiny surely plays a huge part.

SN:  Any idea if a certain legendary director is aware of your homage, and are there any plans to send him a set?

Bernie:  That would be a firm negative. From the beginning, we were asked to tread lightly and maintain all promotion to be as indirect as possible. Legal issues always present roadblocks for conceptual sneaker designs, but that’s part of the fun – being kept on your toes and thinking in a non-linear way to find solutions.

Jason:  However, if I had the opportunity to send him a set, I would in a second. That man is a god to me.


so death list of 5 with the 3 kills of Volume 2 coming next..what about making a Black Mamba one? just to finish the DVAS.. about the colurs of these collabos maybe not all 5 are really nice but I think every one is worth to cop imo


The fact they had 5 diffrent WONDERFUL BASE MODELS, and managed to fuck up every single pair of these is hilarious. EVERY ONE of these "collabos" is so terrible. I dont know how you fuck up 5 dif pairs on 5 dif. tries. Laughable effort.  So whats worse is they will sell out and go straght to ebay and the funny shit is they are gonna sit there. Good luck reselling these fuckers!

puffy nips
puffy nips

@andred77777 look at this dudes comment history..... going out of your way to hate on literally every post about this shoe.   Wonder what shitty ass store and employee this is thats jealous of EB doing their thing....Cant think of any other reason why he'd be taking this shit so personal.


@puffy nips @andred77777 wow "comment history" aye? i love runners and hate seeing shitty ass collabos left and right is all. Extra butter had some good stuff, just not this one. Horrible, and never should have been released. But I suppose you like it huh


Oh so you're a shoe designer? That's great! I guess that makes your feedback/opinion valid. Hey, do you have a portfolio of any collabs you've done? Would love to see! :)


.......yeah, I didn't think so! Hey, I have a good idea! How about the energy you're wasting on critiquing shoes you will never amount to, instead use it to TRY to create something better. BINGO!

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