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NBA Pre-Season Feet: Around The League – 10/5 – 10/7

October 8, 2013 BY / 15

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The NBA Season is back! Even though it’s just the pre-season, based on the standout footwear selection during these exhibition games it looks like players couldn’t wait any longer to be showcased in our Around The League feature. Who would’ve thought a teammate would outshine Nate Robinson? (No worries, Nate – these games don’t count) From Quincy Miller breaking out a crisp pair of the Air Jordan 5 “Tokyo 23s” to match his Nuggets uni and LeBron switching from last season’s LeBron 10 to a version of his ever-popular LeBron Soldier 7, the usual suspects are off to a fast start in showcasing their latest heat. Continue reading for a full look at who wore what and stay tuned for our next installment of NBA Pre-Season Feet until the season officially starts.

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Brooklyn looks good, the league looks good, Rose looks good, Kobe is out, excitement is up, LeBron looks good, much of the new breed is healthy and improved, several players have switched shoe companies.

Yup, it's going to be a great year for professional basketball, especially for the purists who enjoy team concepts, unselfishness, over the the player who takes thirty five shots a game.


I was at the game last nite and was shocked to see Avery Bradley rocking foamposites. He had the all whites on. No more Adidas???? Jordan Crawford had heat on. So did Terrance Ross.


So excited fa da NBA season. So many storylines. So many intriguing matchups. So many old faces in new places... And Very excited da BEST PG in D Rose is back... And of course all of da fly kicks dat will b showcased


@Longstroke you're funny... by the way... Carmelo averaged more shot attempts (22.2) than Kobe (20.4) last year. Westbrook, Irving, James, Aldrige, Curry, Durant, Ellis and Harden averaged between 17.1 - 18.7.

Out of the list that i just provided to you, every one of those players had at least one game where they shot the ball at least 25 times. Kevin Durant even had a game where he shot it 30 times. O M G he is so selfish. By the way, no player in the NBA had 35 attempts in a game last year so don't know who you were referring to


@Da_Real_Big_Infinite D ROSE D ROSE!!! I wish adidas would step up his line though, the man deserves shoes that look different with each version!!


True dat homie... I will say I do like his 4s. Its a much better built 3


If the discussion is who's better, Kobe or Jordan, I'd say Jordan by a super landslide. I wouldn't even put Kobe in the top 10 greatest NBA players of all time. Nothing against his game, but I could think of other players who made more of a impact to the game, then just shooting almost 50 shots for 81 pts against Jalen Rose and Mike James's Toronto Raptors.


@bJWALKINrivers @Longstroke

Here's where you Kobe stans get twisted in your own bullshit. On the one hand, you don't want a comparison to Jordan, especially when those of us who know better bring up the 6 for 6 in the championship round, and six finals MVP's, right?  But on the other, especially when you want to defend the "four million dollar man", you bring about the meek comparison that somehow, Kobe is only doing what Jordan has done.

Well, thanks for admitting that Kobe is nothing but a cheap imitation, one who has failed miserably at the team concept, a thing  that Jordan had learned to master.. To quote Phil Jackson,

“One of the biggest differences between the two stars from my perspective was Michael’s superior skills as a leader,” Jackson said. “Though at times he could be hard on his teammates, Michael was masterful at controlling the emotional climate of the team with the power of his presence. Kobe had a long way to go before he could make that claim. He talked a good game, but he’d yet to experience the cold truth of leadership in his bones, as Michael had.”

Jackson noted the “pronounced” difference in their accuracy, Jordan shooting almost 50% — an “extraordinary figure” — while Bryant had been at 45%.

“No question, Michael was a tougher, more intimidating defender. He could break through virtually any screen and shut down almost any player with his intense, laser-focused style of defense.”

Now you go and get a life, instead of living vicariously through that mother suing moron.


@Longstroke @bJWALKINrivers lol i'm done with this...responding to you makes me look like a joke like you...have a great life lame....

By the way...one of the greatest to ever play the game..if not the best. Michael Jeffrey Jordan... in his career averaged 22.9 FGA while Kobe's career average is 19.6....in case you don't understand what that means... Kobe averages about 1429 shots a season in his career where as Michael averaged 1752

So what you're saying is...in Jordan's era he was even more of a "ball hogging narcissist" than KObe and Team Basketball was going to be better without him... looks like Kobe followed his path but is taking less shot. Maybe you should look at the history of professional basketball before you go opening your mouth speaking ignorantly :) 


@bJWALKINrivers @Longstroke

Get a life? LOLOLOLOLOL! That's what all you bitch ass Kobe lovers love to say, once someone provides proof of your favorite player's ineptitude. 

Kobe took more shots than anyone in the league last year. 

1.Carmelo Anthony, SF NY 1489

2.Kobe Bryant SG LAL 1595


It didn't help his team, and it drove away the best big in the league.
The league is better off without that ball hogging narcissist, as TEAM Basketball will always win out, then be more of a pleasure to watch.


 @Longstroke @bJWALKINrivers Carmelo - Thu 4/11 vs CHIL 111 - 118 13-34 38%
KD - Wed 3/20 vs MEML 89 - 904 11-28 39%
Harden - Fri 4/12 vs MEML 78 - 82 7-24 29%
Westrbook - Mon 3/11 vs SAL 93 - 105 - 11-27 40%
Ellis - Wed 4/10@ORLL 103-113 - 7-27 26%so you're trying to say to me that these people that basically found there way into the NBA and being stars on their team by shooting the ball....are all now supposed to stop and pass the ball and not take more than 20 shots again? you need to get a life, you prolly never hooped a day in your life if you think stuff like this doesn't happen. This isn't college basketball, this is the NBA. 



Look Big Cathy, what's up with the homoerotic imagery you continuously propose? If you like dudes, then so be it! More power to you! You only speak of women in derogatory terms, which screams masculinity issues, so hey, just do your thing!

Good luck! 

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