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Reebok Question “For Player Use Only” Pack

October 10th, 2013 by / 13

If your NBA sneaker knowledge is deep enough, you’ll recall that in the pre-Nike days both LeBron James and Kobe Bryant had access to some special, personal versions of the Reebok Question. In a totally unexpected move, it appears that the Vector Brand is bringing those two styles to a retail release this year with the Reebok Question “For Player Use Only” pack. Continue reading to get a better look at the Lakers and SVSM colored Reebok Question pairs, including some exclusive shots, as well as full release info regarding their upcoming October 18th release at Packer Shoes. Also keep in mind that while Packer Shoes will have the lead on them, the sneakers will indeed be hitting a handful of other premium Reebok retailers at a later date.

Reebok Question “For Player Use Only” Pack
Release Date: 10/18/13
Price: $300 (Sneakers sold as a 2 pair pack only)

While we approach almost ten years in Teaneck (NJ), much has remained the same but also changed at the same time. Product, which is the backbone of what we do, is king and will always remain so.

What has changed, for the good, and sometimes not so great, has been the ever expanding flow of information and how quickly it flows and the hype it creates. Has it helped the introduction of product, creativity and the expansion of “boutiques” country and world wide? absolutely.

But ask yourselves this — “When was the last time you peered into a window or walked into a store and were surprised at retail, and were able to purchase your size?”. A blast of information and then the product be available? Those “ah-HA!”, or “Holy Shit!!!” moments have been few and far between. While physical store shopping has changed forever with the ‘net and blogs — let this be that window………

Together with a few other select retailers across the globe we present something that’s a long time coming and should bring us all back a few years to a simpler time:

Packer Shoes are proud to introduce the Reebok Question “FOR PLAYER USE ONLY” pack.


The Reebok Question “FOR PLAYER USE ONLY” Pack launches in-store via Reservation Ticket ONLY.
Both the white-purple/gold AND the white/green/gold Reebok Question will be sold together as a pack.
Retail for the Pack is $300 USD.
Reservation tickets will be issued Monday (Oct. 14th) and Tuesday (Oct. 15th) from 10am-8pm in-store (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST).
Reservation tickets will guarantee your size.
Pick-up dates are Friday, October 18th & Saturday, October 19th during our normal business hours of 12pm-7pm.
Your pick-up date and time will be given to you once you complete your reservation.
Reservation tickets are NON-TRANSFERABLE.
You WILL NOT be allowed to purchase the “FOR PLAYER USE ONLY” pack without your original reservation ticket.
State or Government issued identification is mandatory.
Anyone without PROPER ID will not be allowed to purchase the pack.
Purchases will be limited to one (1) pack per customer.
We are located in a residential neighborhood, PLEASE RESPECT OUR NEIGHBORS.


The Reebok Question “FOR PLAYER USE ONLY” Pack launches online Friday, October 18th @ 12pm noon EST.
Both the white-purple/gold AND the white/green/gold Reebok Question will be sold together as a pack.
Purchases will be limited to one (1) pair per customer/household/card holder.
All orders will be shipped only to the customer’s billing address. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Please allow up 7 business days to receive a tracking confirmation for your order.
Once you receive tracking confirmation, please allow an additional 3-5 business days for delivery.


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When's the last time you had that moment...of standing in line for a reservation? You truly want to make it a real release, just say they're coming soon, and put them in the "peered in" window on a random ass Wednesday...


when they hit footlocker... Do u still have to purchase as a pack or ???


Nice nice both look great, but a Kobe fan for sure


i was expecting a little more. kind of a let down.  


LeBrons are the best IMO


Damn they're both dope but why do they have to be sold as a pack???

Kicks McFly
Kicks McFly

Are they allowed to profit off of Lebron n Kobe? I mean they are to nike aren't they?


sick but why are they trying to bandwagon off lebron and kobe so much be true to your self reebok damn

Jon Rodriguez
Jon Rodriguez

Is it just me, or are the LeBron's already scuffed?


Can u actually read da article. Is clearly says it sold as a PACK ONLY. Not sold separately... And they will b sold da Packer Shoes in-store & online as of now. So no news if they will b sold as footlocker or any other retail stores


They are being true to their selves.... They had ties with both of em bruh.

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