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Hulk Hogan Curls a Pair of Air Jordan 3Lab5

October 24, 2013 BY / 19

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And the award for most unlikely sneakerhead of the year goes to Hulk Hogan. Alright, we’re not sure that we can call him a sneakerhead just yet, but for what its worth he certainly has been picking up a decent amount of 2013 Jordans. The latest one that he’s revealed is the Air Jordan 3Lab5, that pair that picks up on the elephant print from Mike’s third and slaps it onto his fifth. We’re hoping that he’s not just throwing this photo up to flex (Pun intended) that he got them only to later list them for sale-sorry Hulk we need to see some on-feet evidence. Get the bizarre shot after the break and tell us what you think in the comments.

Source: Hulk Hogan

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Filed under: Air Jordan Celebrity Feet



come on hogan you are old as michael jordans father


All this disrespect, lol he's the hulkster and I'm sure he's a very cool ass humble dude. Who gives two fucks what anyone thinks of him. He's got cash and buy's what he want's as we all should without any backlash of hate towards the next man. Stick to getting your's and let people do want and buy what makes them happy. We all should enjoy life as much as this man looks to be doing....


When he's seen pulling out some Jordans at least 4, 5 or more years older then he wouldn't have the title he has! Hulk is always hyping Jordans that are recent releases. Everybody knows that because it's exposed on here just about every week.


Gonna have to go ahead and say yeah fuck off all you Hogan haters. Wale is waaay more of a fucking hype then this guy and im sure he's met mj himself more than wale has (if he's even met him at all). If I had money I'd buy whatever the fuck I wanted and that's exactly what hulkamania is doing right here

Old Head 1
Old Head 1

@JoshPurdy  Just because he's a celebrity rocking J's doesn't mean he's messing up the game. Let the man be. I think Wale is worse he's the hype beast king, y'all never say nothing about that retard! He's not messing the game up he's just appreciating what we like, you can tell by his smile. Compare him to Wale always giving an arrogant mean mug as if we're not better than him!


This is definitely part of Hulks midlife crisis...


I'm a wrestling fan(always will be) and I can confirm that he rocks heat every single week to the ring. 

Old Head 1
Old Head 1

At least he aint one of them old ass niggas hatin & dissin the game!


@stfuAndListen LOL could you really picture hulk hogan being a serious shoe collector back in his day? I don't really. He probably did own a lot of OG pairs but being that he had the money he had he probably just got rid of them because he had the money or the connect to get another pair whenever he wanted (the man WAS practically the face of the wwf for fucks sake). If he does have any OG pair still I bet they are autographed


If the literal shoe fits (pun intended) wear it. Old heads diss the current state of the shoe game for a very legit reason.


No shit.. lol..they hate how sad their so called entertainers lack that machismo stars from the past had.. they call it "swag"..haha more like slag.. funny shit we'll spoken Future Tomorrow..


I never said back in (HIS) day. That would be at least 20 years or better you ass smh. I said at least 4, 5 or somewhere around those years that'll prove that he's not just a hypebeast. Don't make what I said into what you wanted it say! And I wouldn't be surprised if he hypebeast just for the publicity. If he wasn't a Jordan collector in the past, then that makes his hypebeast even more factual.

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