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Oregon Ducks Players Suspended For Selling Team PE Sneakers

November 6, 2013 BY / 11 c

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Oregon Ducks players Dominic Artis and Ben Carter have both been issued suspensions from the men’s basketball squad for selling personal, team-issued apparel in violation of NCAA code. Reports peg the items specifically as basketball shoes-which doesn’t come as a huge surprise given how regularly the University of Oregon’s student athletes are hooked up with exclusive “Ducks” Jordans and the like. What does come as a bit of a surprise is that the basketball team was caught red handed here-generally it’s the football team in Eugene who enjoys the most exclusive of footwear perks. Let us know your reactions down in the comments and stay tuned to see if this affects the flow of Oregon Jordan PEs or not.

Source: Daily Emerald/247Sports

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I doubt that they really needed a couple stacks or however much they intended on selling em for, they are on scholarship after all. Just wait till you get to the league, or in these guys' case graduate and do whatever you want with them. I assume you worked kinda hard to get where you are & to let a couple hundred dollars lasting maybe a month to ruin it is just dumb.


I'd like to consider my self a sneaker head so I most definitely appreciate the value of these rare air... would I put my scholarship at risk over it probably not. But "everybody eats b" so obviously these gentleman aren't sitting at the same table to have the urge and gumption to commit to such a task. Plus, it's kind of hard to keep any rare jordan shoe on the low especially when it's created specifically for your team.


oregon & other schools need to pay their players n this wouldnt happen. coach gets millions, kids get meal plans. shameful shit

Kev Loco
Kev Loco

This problem would be solved if they ... actually released some of these PE's. Now they don't have to release them all but some. 


College life isn't that hard. Athletes already get paid a monthly stipend to live off of. And with all the free stuff they get, I don't see why that would be a reason to sell their sneakers. Yes they are fly, and I'm sure people paid a lot for them. I understand reselling to get a lot of money, who wouldn't. But to say that college life is hard when the school is already paying athletes is not a valid statement. 


This the only way I support reselling...that college life is hard gotta make money some how

Brads Pitt
Brads Pitt

Nobody ever said these guys were smart...  I'm not saying their stupid , just not smart....


I wanted to purchase the duck V's, so if anyone has them in a US10 hit me up...Think they deserve the suspension for the prices they are getting for them..


Considering players were suspended from ohio state a few years ago for trading their championship rings and other items for tatoos I don't see much difference here. As a matter a fact the head coach lost his job over it too. So my response is make more for release!

Brads Pitt
Brads Pitt

Yea I'm stupid. I'm not the one risking the loss of a scholarship or all that sweet cheerleader pussy over a pair of shoes my man. Plus I already got my education and my cheerleader. No reason to hate , just stating a fact.

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