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11 Days of Nike LeBron: The LeBron XI

November 11, 2013 BY / 13

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Over the past 11 days Sneaker News has treated you to 11 Days of Nike LeBron, a sneaker career retrospective of sorts culminating on this, the eleventh day. 11/11 of course brings us to the Nike LeBron XI, that sneaker that so recently arrived at retail. As the current generation of LeBron shoes is a story that’s still being told, so there isn’t nearly as much retrospective and reminiscence to be had. The shoe’s overall shape was one confirmed by semi-official sources a bit earlier than normal thanks to the advent of social media: one of the first good looks at the shoe came from the Instagram of Mav Carter, a close associate and manager of sorts to LeBron. It was then that we first ogled the Hyperposite built frame that seemed more armored up than any previous LeBron delivery (Keep in mind that the week prior had given us a speculative look at a black-out pair on feet for Bron during a practice session).

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From that point the anticipation built for several months leading up to the eventual October, 2013 debut of the shoes. As has been the custom in recent years, the sneakers actually became available on NIKEiD just a few days before their proper retail debut in order to open the floodgates for customized colorways. The first on the menu colorway following was the “King’s Pride”, which referenced LeBron’s undisputed spot at the top of the league. The same day saw the debut of the LeBron 11 NSW Lifestyle, suggesting that those sorts of companion models would be rolled out simultaneously in the future. Will there also be an EXT range in the future to complement the off-court category? We’d certainly assume so given the success of the likes of last year’s “Cork” and “Denim” pairs. Will the Nike LeBron line be switching to Elite mode again in the post-season? The chances of the Heat not making the playoffs seem ridiculously low at this point, so LeBron will definitely need a post-season shoe. Then again, previous Elite releases seemed to be a mainstay at Nike outlets, so perhaps the sales numbers won’t justify another go-round (We’ve seen that Nike’s not afraid to pull the plug on certain ideas give that Nike+ Basketball seems non-existent at this point). And will there be another championship shoe in the event that King James and the Heat can clinch it again with a rare three-peat performance? We’ll have to wait and see on that one. Take a look at some past and present LeBron 11 releases below and tell us where you anticipate this sneaker ending up in terms of LeBron’s lengthy lineage with the Swoosh.

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I cant wait for the Graffiti LeBron 11 release!


All the sneaker reviewers talk about how these are probably one of the most comfortable lebrons... Pssh... These things are bad; they are so tight and constricting in the toe area.

Big Skeem
Big Skeem

I've both 2 pairs and both were uncomfortable. The left foot fit perfect. But the right foot seemed much more narrow on both pairs under the right toe. I returned both. Guess I'm stickin with the X's. 


They fix it quick it's nike. But won't change for public


I personally like da 11... I have at least a pair of all Lebrons sig shoe & da 11s are da most comfortable. Great design, great grip & responsiveness... Even tho bron has some issues wit da shoe due to da toe box, I still think its a good shoe & hopefully Nike will make them better so we can see bron in them. Makes no sense to make 20 different cws & he's not gonna even wear da shoe... I would love to see Lebron wear some of his old sig shoes like da 3s, 4s, 5s or 6s in heat cw since it seems as if he won't b wearin da 11 dis yr...


kind of takes a little wind out of the 11's sails that it seems lebron doesnt even like them on the court but i personally love the design 


10s still better, and im a big posite guy

Trill Smith
Trill Smith

@kamillen Completely agree, there's no way I'd ever actually play basketball in these things.Too tight in the toe box, not to mention they are stiff as hell. 2013 hyperdunks are far better on the court. I understand why he's not playing in them...


There ok, just not for 200. I'll take 10s all day with my 20% off. So getting for under 150


He said he has discomfort in da toe box when he drives to da lane. Its because da toe box is more squared then rounded like his other sig shoes... And we all know bron got those crazy lookin toes so he need somethin wit extra comfort lol... So I expect him to wear da 10s all yr long unless da designer has some ideas to make da 11 better


But could get 11s for 160 with discount, sought get the next limited pair or color way I really like. To have 1 pair would be ideal for any collector


@Da_Real_Big_Infinite yeah i heard that too it sucks when your a big guy your toes are all jacked up i feel the designers are gonna whip something up for him because if he doesnt wear the 11 thats gonna hurt sales big time in my opinion especially when all the kiddies see he doesnt wear them 

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