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Good to see Kobe 6


Stat x JR x Melo. #187


Why is DJ wearing soldiers? Did UA drop his ass?


I thought that the NBA banned the leggings that the superstar used to wear about 8 years ago.


At least sum1 is wearin da bron 11 lol (Demarcus Cousins)... And I see those Raptors still on they kicks game heavy... Those HPs Anthony Davis has on are dope


No... He says there's a lot of discomfort in da toe box when he drives to da lane. Hence him wearin da 10s instead... And dats because da toe box on da 11 is more squared then rounded like his other sig shoes. So his crazy lookin toes doesn't have room


@Da_Real_Big_Infinite That is very interesting...So the shoe was not really tested for game use on a high level before it went on sale. I would imagine if it had his name on the shoe it would get his seal of approval before hand. I would think the testing phase would have found this before he commited to wearing a shoe for a whole season. I remember MJ pulling out the XIVs early during the 98 finals to test em out. 

They have a whole ad campaign with him wearing the 11s and even he thinks they are not comfortable. How good is that endorsement then? I will probably get that Miami Akron pair anyways. Be sure to get a half size bigger for my toes LOL. If I get my normal size joints be hurting like Lebron.


I feel u homie... And I personally like da 11s. I think they are super comfortable but then again I haven't hooped in them. I lace them loosely like I do wit all Lebron kicks. And I go a half size up anyway since his shoes fit snug to begin wit... So I think sales of da shoe are gonna suffer if he's not gonna wear them. And I've heard a couple dudes return their 11 due to toe box discomfort... So I guess it depends on ur foot even tho I think they are very comfy

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