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Macklemore in Air Jordan 6 “Oreo” + Air Jordan 13 “Altitude”

November 22, 2013 BY / 18 c

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On record Macklemore has a bit of a love/hate relationship with Jordans, as best exemplified by his track “WINGS”. But on stage he’s all about them. The Seattle born rapper recently showed up up the Xbox One launch wearing an Air Jordan 6 colorway from the last time that sneaker got a good amount of attention retro wise. That’s the Air Jordan 6 “Oreo”, a black and white speckled sneaker that was an outlet mainstay shortly after its release (He also switched into the Air Jordan 13 “Altitude” for a moment). Continue reading to get a better look at Macklemore in the Air Jordan 6 “Oreo” on stage courtesy of Evolve and let us know in the comments if you’ve still got your pair on ice.

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Old Head 1
Old Head 1

LMFAO When white people discover J's! And he knows he diggs Mexican swag he might even wanna be Mexican deep down!


Damn. That's pretty dope. When I saw him in concert he was wearing the black toe 1's from this year. Big KRIT had he got game's on and Talib Kweli had on Toro 4's. (Those 2 opened) I got pics and everything.


Hilarious and ironic from his song "Wings" hahaha... "... they told me to JUST DO IT I listened to what that swoosh said..." Indeed JUST DO IT, literally hahaha....


i thought macklemore is doing it right untin i saw the second outfit


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