Nike Air Force 1 “Spiderman”

November 29th, 2013 by | 13 comments

nike air force 1 spiderman 1 Nike Air Force 1 Spiderman

Nike Sportswear has begun a trend of matching Air Force 1s with Foamposites as we get a first look at the Nike Air Force 1 dubbed “Spiderman”. While there is no connection with the Marvel superhero, the red, black, and blue color tones have been connected with the fella, the nickname has stayed firm (previous Nikes have been dubbed Spiderman as well). A release date hasn’t been set yet, but expect these around the time of the release of the accompanying Foamposite Pros.

488298 615 570x570 Nike Air Force 1 Spiderman

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No can do, these are trash to me but hey everybody is entitled to their own opinion . . . . . Spidermans? DOA 


For a sec. I thought these were some customs hahaha....


Forces do look better. Foams aren't just the right shoe for this colorway.


i like these more than the foamposites. waaaaaay doper 


Yeah these are waaaay better for the air force 1 than the foamposites


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