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NBA Feet: LeBron James – Nike LeBron 11 “Red/Metallic Silver” PE

December 16, 2013 BY / 12

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Are the days of LeBron rocking the Nike LeBron X finally over? Over the weekend we finally got a look at the latest PE of his signature in the Nike LeBron 11 and it didn’t disappoint as the King fought against a Cavaliers comeback to put up 25 points in another victory. With a predominantly red upper to match the Heat’s new all red alternates this season, the lower half of the silhouette gets a metallic silver treatment similar to the color blocking seen on Kevin Durant’s KD 6 when the Thunder wear their secondary uniforms. Stick with us after the click to see the latest NBA Feet images of LBJ in his newest signature and let us know what you think of his return to the LeBron 11 in the comments.

Source: ESPN/Yahoo/NBA

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I would gladly accept a hammer toe setup to be the best basketball player to ever play the game to date. Yeah, and that does mean better than Jordan. Comparing them by age LeBron is way ahead of the Legend of Jordan. If your argument is, well..Jordan went to college. So? That's just a testament to how great LeBron is. If your argument is... Michael didn't leave to build a super team. Yeah your right, the Bulls made the right moves to make it happen. When MJ LEFT TO PLAY BASEBALL the Bulls only lost 20 less games or so with basically the same core team. When LeBron left Cleveland with the same core team the CAVALIERS were the worst team. So who had to carry the larger load? LeBron is a elite player, has never really shown anything off the court to negatively impact his image and KNOWS THE HISTORY OF THE GAME. If your still hating on Lebron, I can't understand your point of view.


If u want to compare age, then Oscar Robinson & Wilt Chamberlain had better numbers & career accomplishments better then Lebron... And no da core of da team was not intacted when Lebron left. Shaq & Antwan Jamison both left da team... Michael Helped develop Scottie. Lebron didn't help develop d wade or bosh. They were established already.. And u can't compare MJ & Lebron... If anythin Lebron is more magic & pippen then Jordan... Jordan played in an era when hand checkin was legal & much more harder fouls were committed... And when have u ever seen Jordan Flop to get a call... Michael will always be da best. 6 finals appearances, 6 titles, 6 finals MVPs. On top of winning defensive poy, 2 time dunk champ, never gotten less then gold durin his olympic appearances. And had he not played baseball he probably would of won 8 titles in a row... Lebron only has 2 rings as of now. When guys like Kobe has 5 & Tim Duncan has 4... Is da Lebron da best player right now, sure. But to say he's da best ever & his career isn't even over yet is jus blasphemous. Espc when I don't even consider him better then Magic, Wilt, Big O or Shaq, in they prime


Everythin I said are FACTS... There's nothin to prove... And like I said, u can't compare age. Cuz if we go off ur age comparison, then Kobe is better then Lebron. Cuz Kobe won 3 consecutive championships b4 Lebron got his 1st if u go off age. And Kobe had much better competition to go through to get those 3 rings


Everything in your argument is easily proven wrong. Besides I said by age comparison. READ.


@219toChi.... That's what I'm talking about! Someone finally see LeBron for what he is! It's nothing on the floor that he can't do! Score of course, rebound, pass, defense, post-up, COACH, and anything he wants to do. The dude is something we never seen regardless of what eras we speak of. I just hope my boy (Durant) and my city (OKC) get a ring while LeBron is in his prime. It's no words to explain how great that dude LeBron is and I ain't riding his nuts I'm just speaking the truth! He could go to the hall of Fame just from his high school career. He sold out college areas and half his games was on espn, nobody else did that, not wilt, Kobe, Jordan, Chamberlain, Shaq, nobody! @Da_Real_Big_Infinite my homie just WITNESS


Jordan also played in a league with a bunch of skinny sticks! You can't have hand checking with the type of athletes of today's game, if LeBron could hand check wouldn't nobody score on him and if they hand check him and get too close he's going to blow by em. Only thingi agree with is that wackass flopping! Think how many times MJ got knocked out the playoffs, people always want to bring up the 6 finals 6 rings, well it took him quite awhile to get there!!!! LeBron was 19 his first finals appearance MJ was 28!!!! THAT'S A BIG DIFFERENCE. I RESPECT JORDAN FOR EVERYTHING HE DID.... I REALIZE LEBRON ISN'T DONE YET, BUT WAIT TILL HE IS HE WILL BE THE NEW LOGO OF THE NBA. HAHAHA... Da_Real_Big_Infinite did spit facts, but LeBron will be the goat when it's all said and done


Lebron was 18 when he was drafted in 2003. He went to his 1st finals in 2007. So he was 22 not 19... Plus Jordan went to college unlike Lebron did... And do u remember how big da Pistons were. How big da Knicks were. How big Orlando & Indiana was back in da 90s. There were far frum sticks. Espc da pistons wit they big bad boys. And da knicks wit xarier McDaniel, Charles Oakley, Ewing. And da pacers wit da Mydyss brothers & rick smits. Boston wit DJ, Robert Parish, Kevin McCale... Even Miami heat were big wit Steve smith & Zo in da middle. Those teams were big, physical & nasty ... On top of havin much more supreme shot blockers & defenders... Guys in today's game do not play good team defense like they did in da 80s & 90s... Not to say Lebron wouldn b good but if he played in da 90s, he would not get to da lane as easy as he does today. Espc wit da teams I mentioned. U got punished if u came to da lane...And MJ was in his 6th season when he got his 1st ring, Lebron was in his 9th season..MJ is undefeated in da Finals, Lebron isn't... Even Kobe got his 1st ring & 1st finals appearance at an age b4 Lebron did. Kobe was 21 vs Lebron 22... So like I said, its going to take a lot fa any1 including Lebron to over take da GOAT spot. Da things MJ did on & off da court can't b duplicated... Lebron has never been in a dunk contest let alone win 2 like MJ or even 1 like Kobe... Lebron has never been Defensive POY. Jordan has never received anythin less then gold durin his Olympic career. Lebron got bronze in his 1st Olympics. It took Lebron his 3rd appearance in da finals to finally get his ring in his 9th season. MJ had 3 rings by da end of his 9th season... Now I'm not sayin Lebron isn't good, Cuz he is. Best player in da league. But I can't even consider Lebron in da realm of MJ til he has at least 5 rings & dominates da game every yr. And stop all dat nonsense flopping he does. Ur 6'8", 265 in weight. Da hell u flopping for... So I'm not convinced. Espc when alot of people forget wat Big O, Dr J & Wilt did in they prime


LeBron was a Rookie his first olympics straight out of high school. 2× NBA champion (2012–20132× NBA Finals MVP (2012–20134× NBA Most Valuable Player (2009–2010,2012–20139× NBA All-Star (2005–20132× NBA All-Star Game MVP (2006, 2008NBA Rookie of the Year (2004NBA scoring champion (20087× All-NBA First Team (2006, 2008–20132× All-NBA Second Team (2005, 20075× NBA All-Defensive First Team (2009–2013NBA All-Rookie First Team (2004Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year (2012)Sporting News Athlete of the Year (2012)USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year (2012)Cleveland Cavaliers all-time leading scorerNaismith Prep Player of the Year (2003)3× Ohio Mr. Basketball (2001–2003)2× Consensus National H.S. Player of the Year


His feet still killing him I bet


Just noticed that the toebox looks built just like the LeBron X joint! It's a tad bit longer and has a little height difference. Yes, I know the back part by the Achilles is shaped like the LeBron X also. King James has finally received a good fit for his raggedy toes! Maybe you crybabies will shout for joy now that he is wearing them. I didn't care if he did or didn't I still cop'd and rock'd regardless of him not wearing them.


@qtbigwatts  "Queen James has finally received a good fit for his raggedy toes!"




Anyhow, this is an awesome colorway! TWO THUMBS UP

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