Sneaker News 2013 Year End Rewind: Day 2

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December 17, 2013

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celeb feet rewind overview Sneaker News 2013 Year End Rewind: Day 2

In 2013, there seem to be more sneakerheads than ever. Just by walking down the street and checking out people’s footwear choices, it’s clear that more and more people are falling in love with the sneaker culture everyday. This ballooned population has of course trickled over into the world of celebrities. That’s not to say that famous folks flaunting sought-after footwear is an entirely new concept, and many of the names you’ll see below have certainly been around the block in this respect, but 2013 was undoubtedly a year more ripe with these sort of cross-over moments than any before it.

The Celebrity Feet section is one of the more controversial categories with our readers. Plenty will call into question why it even matters that another pop starlet donned a treasured pair of retros or a random rapper was seen co-signing the custom scene. But keep in mind that these moments help to contextualize the culture and serve as a reminder that the rest of the world is rapidly catching on. Some of these moments will earn your respect and some of them will generate no small amount of anger, but all of them point to the level of noise that the sneaker world is making on a level far beyond the blogs and message boards.

celeb feet rewind 1 Sneaker News 2013 Year End Rewind: Day 2

What do your bowling shoes look like? Chris Paul blew us away by wearing this unreleased Air Jordan IV during a charity bowling event. A few months later he would drop jaws again with the purple nubuck IV he showed off to the world.

We’re going to chalk this one up to Adam Sandler’s well-known Jets fandom. The New York born actor showed up courtside with the white/green version of former Jets cornerback Darrell Revis’ signature shoe.

celeb feet rewind 2 Sneaker News 2013 Year End Rewind: Day 2

Don’t forget that Jay Z had his own line of Reebok sneakers way back when. This time though, it wasn’t the S Dots, as Jigga stepped out on the town in an OG colorway of the revived Shawn Kemp model.

Jordans for the whole team. A whole gang of San Francisco 49ers laced up in matching Air Jordan Vs and posed for a pic before heading out East for their Super Bowl match-up with the Ravens.

celeb feet rewind 3 Sneaker News 2013 Year End Rewind: Day 2

A$AP Rocky has been showing love to Jeremy Scott’s adidas creations since day one, so it came as no surprise to see him sporting the JS Totem perfectly matched up with a Chicago Blackhawks jersey.

At this point, Russell Westbrook can probably get his hands on any Jordans he wants, but the Tokyo23 edition of the Air Jordan V is still a prized score for anybody and surely turned some heads when he broke them out at All-Star Weekend.

celeb feet rewind 16 Sneaker News 2013 Year End Rewind: Day 2

Concords on the cover. David Price hit the Sports Illustrated baseball preview in one of the greatest Air Jordans of all time.

The Cleveland Browns’ Joe Haden’s showed off his sneaker room and proved that opposing receivers aren’t the only thing he has locked down.

celeb feet rewind 5 Sneaker News 2013 Year End Rewind: Day 2

Jason Sudeikis’ sneaker selection has been on point for a while now. This time he hit up NYC’s Met Gala affair with the Air Jordan XI “Bred” on feet and wife, Olivia Wilde, on his arm.

You’ve gotta imagine that Heat coach Erik Spoelstra has the ultimate LeBron connect, and yet he still keeps the Jordans in the rotation as seen with the White/Cement IVs he broke out for a May press conference.

celeb feet rewind 6 Sneaker News 2013 Year End Rewind: Day 2

A strange bit of foreshadowing: Kanye West makes a cameo during the Anchorman 2 filming wearing a pair of adidas Forum Mids long before the official partnership between the two came to fruition.

Bronsolino could be seen sporting no shortage of limited releases from Asics and New Balance across the year. In his “Strictly 4 My Jeeps” video, he pulled out an Asics Gel Lyte III “ECP” designed by fellow Queens native Ronnie Fieg.

celeb feet rewind 7 Sneaker News 2013 Year End Rewind: Day 2

You don’t need to be told about Wale’s sneaker collection. He again impressed here by co-signing the python creations of one JBF Customs.

Kanye hit the Governors Ball stage and gave the world their first good look at the “Red October” Air Yeezy 2. Madness ensued, followed by some street sightings.

celeb feet rewind 8 Sneaker News 2013 Year End Rewind: Day 2

A deadly trio of the rap game’s brightest young stars, each showing that their acumen in sneaker selection is on pair with their skills in the booth.

LeBron James ain’t worried about nothin’. Expect for drinks spilling on his Air Jordan IIIs at this post-championship celebration party.

celeb feet rewind 9 Sneaker News 2013 Year End Rewind: Day 2

The movie White House Down had Jamie Foxx playing the US President and proclaiming “Get your hands off my Jordans!”

Court clothes? Amanda Bynes went to see the judge this past July in a basketball jersey and a pair of Air Jordan VIIIs.

celeb feet rewind 10 Sneaker News 2013 Year End Rewind: Day 2

At this point, people are going to pay attention to Trinidad James’ sneakers no matter what, but a mismatched pair of Air Jordan IIIs certainly helped.

Pharrell still has it as he put down the Timbs for a second and suited up in one of the most coveted LeBron releases of the year for a Nelly video.

celeb feet rewind 11 Sneaker News 2013 Year End Rewind: Day 2

Country club outfit guidelines mean nothing to Melo.

No doubt one of the more unlikely stories in sneaker celeb history. Hulk Hogan showed us again and again that someone somewhere was blessing him with all sorts of Air Jordans.

celeb feet rewind 12 Sneaker News 2013 Year End Rewind: Day 2

Are you really surprised that MJ can still dunk? This moment from the GOAT featured his first ever shoe on his feet as he reminded us all that he’s still got it.

Probably not an everyday occurrence, but West Coast rapper The Game was caught snoozing with all sorts of recent sneaker pickups sharing his bed.

celeb feet rewind 13 Sneaker News 2013 Year End Rewind: Day 2

Miley Cyrus literally said “Js so fly I should work at Flight Club” in the Mike WiLL Made It video for “23″. You mad?

Kanye’s fiancee proved to the world that she’s on the short list of people with a legit pair of the “Red Octobers”.

celeb feet rewind 14 Sneaker News 2013 Year End Rewind: Day 2

His Airness bro’d out in a game of beer pong while casually wearing one of the most sought after unreleased Jordans of all time.

Yep, Chi McBride still gets blessed with insane hook-ups. Here he popped up as one of the first non-Eugene residents to wear the Air Jordan V “Oregon Ducks”.

celeb feet rewind 15 Sneaker News 2013 Year End Rewind: Day 2

Drizzy’s signing bonus after becoming an official member of Team Jordan? Two sets of OVO branded, stingray leather retros.

One of the most memorable moments in sneaker history reborn. Fat Joe is still tasting his soles after all these years.


The "Carmen" Vans x Sole Classic collab is hands down my favorite shoe on the Day 2: 2013 Recap.

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