Hulk Hogan Asks Santa Claus for a Second Pair of Gamma Blue 11s

December 24th, 2013 by | 16 comments

hulk hogan gamma blue air jordan 11 Hulk Hogan Asks Santa Claus for a Second Pair of Gamma Blue 11s

Pictured next to the world famous 24″ pythons is a pair whose size we don’t know , though the key number is obviously 11.  Here we have the Hulkster’s latest sneaker showoff, though it’s a bit confusing, because Hulk Hogan is threatening to beat up Santa Claus if he doesn’t bring him a (n additional) pair of ‘Gamma Blue’ Air Jordan XIs.  He probably needs one on ice, what with the creasing potential from all those Big Boots.  Hulk is arguably the Michael Jordan of pro wrestling, with his charisma, timing, multiple extended championship reigns and global celebrity; is this his best pickup yet?  Let us know if you’re expecting your Gammas from one of those packages under the tree and stick with Sneaker News as we move from the winter holidays to CNY/BHM/ASG/WrestleMania season.

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hulk hogan gamma blue air jordan xi 570x570 Hulk Hogan Asks Santa Claus for a Second Pair of Gamma Blue 11s

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yknow now im kinda glad i didnt buy them lol


"The Michael Jordan of Pro wrestling" .... No. SMH

Cop em and Rock em
Cop em and Rock em

Hey Hulk, you can have mine, but you gotta let me Leg Drop you, Brotherrrrrrr, Lol.


This dude is just trying to get attention no way he actually wears Jordans


i finally have the grape/laney "pack" and a pair of virtually all black xi's. damn it was a good year *wipes single tear*


Whatcha gonna do when the Hulkster runs wild on you! #GammaMania 2013


yea maybe the second pair will be in your size there hulkster.

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