SELECT Collections: Ken W.

January 9, 2014 BY / 57

SN:  What was the first shoe you ever fell in love with?

Ken:  Jordan 5 Black/Metallic (original version).

65 thoughts on “SELECT Collections: Ken W.

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  2. yea but he doesnt sell them….so I dont think it fits that term that you and so many are quick to use….consider definition of a collector

  3. kw21270 justinamazing1 sneakernews So since I wear the shoes I buy I’m the hypebeast? This is coming from the guy who bought all his pes in the last year and a half and is scared to wear them. Now you tell me who is the hypebeast?

  4. it is insane this guy has both lebronald palmers, i honestly still cant believe this a month after reading this article lol who is this guy!?!

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