The 20 Best-Selling Air Jordans of 2013

January 10th, 2014 by | 110 comments

best selling jordans of 2013 02 The 20 Best Selling Air Jordans of 2013

5. Air Jordan 12 “Taxi”

Release Date: December 14, 2013
Units Sold: 452,583
Average Cost: $164.19

best selling jordans of 2013 08 The 20 Best Selling Air Jordans of 2013

4. Air Jordan 3 “Fire Red”

Release Date: August 3, 2013
Units Sold: 474,898
Average Cost: $156.09

best selling jordans of 2013 17 The 20 Best Selling Air Jordans of 2013

3. Air Jordan 5 “White/Black/Fire Red”

Release Date: January 26, 2013
Units Sold: 478,708
Average Cost: $155.57

best selling jordans of 2013 16 The 20 Best Selling Air Jordans of 2013

2. Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue”

Release Date: December 21, 2013
Units Sold: 481,678
Average Cost: $170.86

best selling jordans of 2013 05 The 20 Best Selling Air Jordans of 2013

1. Air Jordan 5 “Oreo”

Release Date: November 29, 2013
Units Sold: 505,500
Average Cost: $161.14

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@sneakernews this should be rephrased. It's about how many units the Jordan brand PRODUCED. Retros will sell out regardless


Personally I thought the gammas was the best jordans. 


im blowed air jordan 5 oreo was the number one jordan sold in 2013 wow


millions of people want jordans, yet they only make less that half a million to sell. like why?


The list is useless data. Since every jordan release sells out, then obviously the shoe that was produced in largest volume automatically becomes the best seller.


It's bullshit there were so many js that sold out in minutes like the Bred 1s that should be on this list. The Oreo 5s are the best selling because they have such a high stock of em you can go online and get them right now from Champs Footlocker Footaction and Finishline. I wanna see a list with the top 20 best shoes and the top 20 shoes that were the most wanted shoes of 2013 not a bullshit list of what Nike produced the most of. The crimson 3s were the most ugly ass shoes I've ever seen and the made the list. Its a joke.


@sneakernews I got almost every 5 that came out last year and these were def the cleanest looking


@sneakernews easy to be a best seller when they make a billion pairs. How about the fastest selling of 2013?


See, shit like this makes me mad. It just tells me enough Js can be produced so that anyone who wants a pair can just go get them, anytime, at retail price. That would end reselling, end saturday morning frustration, cut down on and possibly end folks getting jumped, beaten and/or killed over some shoes...and Jordan Brand still makes their paper. Imagine that...


hmm suprised to se the breds and gammas on here... people didnt seem to like them that much


@jwjumpman736 all this means is it had more available then others. the reason jordans like Bel airs or black grapes didn't make this list is because they were limited, not many pair available. but were both waaay more popular then Oreo 5's.


I think that the fresh prince 5s n the black's grapes were wanted more but the Oreo 5s were more popular bcuz they sold the most even tho they made more pairs


@PurdyFreshKicks i sure did. but name something else thats at a high demand and sells out like crazy that doesnt come in mass production like nike sneakers. nothing. 


@DMV_Gemini it's basically just the shoes that had the most pairs produced. Those Phoenix VIII's could be had under $100 at some spots

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