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Air Jordan XX3 “Titanium” vs. “Finale”

January 11th, 2014 by / 28

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We’re almost at the one year point with the Air Jordan XX8, which has traditionally been the time to roll over into the next annual installment. This one year schedule was in full effect for 2008’s Air Jordan XX3, which bookended the year with two very valuable limited edition Premier level releases: one in January and another in late December. It started on January 28th, with the release of the Air Jordan XX3 ‘Titanium’ in a colorway inspired by MJ’s alma mater, the University of North Carolina. The University Blue and Titanum XX3 was limited to 529 pairs (23 pairs at 23 select retailers) in the United States, with another 529 pairs allotted to the overseas market.

After several colorways released in between, the product cycle ended on a triumphant note on 12/23/08 with the release of the Air Jordan XX3 ‘Finale’ in a traditional Chicago Bulls palette. The AJ XX3 Finale also conformed to the 23-squared limited edition, but was only issued to US stores and is accordingly doubly rare. Interestingly, while both remain coveted and can run well into the four figures, it seems to be the Titanium that has retained the higher value among collectors, perhaps because of the novelty of a non-Bulls colorway leading off a new model. It’s a clear example of limited number not dictating value, but it certainly is an anomaly! Check out the gallery of both pairs below if you’re unfamiliar, and see the full listings from modernpicdottcom and solephresh on eBay.

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If you ever hooped in these, you know these shoesthe truth. The XX3's are one of the best performance shoes EVER.


new day same story... here we go some1 is talkin again about how easy u cud buy jordans a few years ago. man grow up and stop livin in the past.


I have both pair. Da Finale's are jus beautiful. Dat red pops off so nicely... Titaniums are dope & I came up on those on accident. (Last pair there & it was my size). Very nice.. But da Finales are on another level. In my Top 10 best Jordan's ever


Now this is what a nice shoe looks like.... when i see people go crazy for Lebron XI i think they are all nuts.... if you put a XX3 next to a XI you can tell one is more mature.... Lebron step up your shoe game!


Probably the best air Jordan in terms of overall design and execution.  It's just too bad the releases were so limited overall.  A real send off to the Jordan brand.  I honestly wish they would retro the 23s.  I don't really buy Jordans or Nikes unless I happen upon the outlet store because they're just not worth the money unlike other brands, but I'd wait outside of a store for a pair of dope 23s.


Absolutely the worst, most uncomfortable, Jordan ever created. There is no way you hooped in the zero cushioning, crease monster, non cleanable, overpriced, complete disaster of a shoe. *They look good though.*


Agree 100 but the only thing I disagree with is the whole never seeing MJ play. MJ never attended anyone to buy his shoes off his play, nor watch him. His shoes were for anyone past present and future. Its his legacy he like for ppl to remember


You was blessed enough to run across both pair and get em.... Maannnn


Yea homie... I was on those finales frum da jump so my guy at da time hooked me up no problem. And I walked I to a footlocker jus to get some sweatpants & I seen da titaniums jus sittin there in my size. So I jus said, fuck da sweatpants going wit da shoes lol... But those days of walkin into a store are long gone... Everythin dat would sit or be slept on isn't anymore. Crazy how things have changed in a short period


Compared to the blk infrared 6s, the Stealth 23s is one of the best color-way/ workmanship in any blk Js ever released, imo. Patiently waiting the retro of both!

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