The adidas Top Ten Hi Celebrates its 35th Anniversary

January 21, 2014 BY / 9

The notion of basketball sneakers being worn for off the court purposes dates back as far as basketball sneakers themselves. Starting with models like the legendary Converse Chuck Taylor, sneakers intended for the hardwood have always found their way to the street as well, and each era since can claim at least a few iconic silhouettes that were the must-haves of their time.

Once the early days of canvas uppers gave way to the dawn of the leather basketball shoe, adidas was one of the first brands to step up and claim a piece of the pie. In 1965, the Three Stripes introduced their first ever basketball shoe, the Pro Model, which

immediately became a juggernaut for adidas, only to be trumped by the 1969 launch of the low-cut Superstar (Shelltoe) version.

Over a decade passed with those two models leading the charge for adidas and becoming the cream of the basketball sneaker crop in the eyes of consumers regardless of what they were using them for. After a good long run for both shoes, by the late ’70s it was time for something new and adidas raised the bar with the debut of the Top Ten in high and low versions, sporting a sleeker silhouette and some stand-out design features.


No way this is an original retro! Check the label in the tongue it doesn't say where it is made from. Because the manufacture label is hidden inside the sneaker and its Made in China. LAME, lacks prestige and CHEAP!!!

I will treasure my adidas Top Ten collection authentically ORIGINAL Made in France !!!!


@SneekyNeither are Jordans or anything else these days. You want made in Europe go buy some Balenciagas, Common Projects, Filling pieces, etc. They start at $350 on sale.


FYI, my diapers were Made in USA - another QUALITY country!

Get over yourself and serve your Chinese masters.


@Sneeky I don't think anyone said anything about original retro, or exact reproduction, because they are not. Originals is only a name of their brand. 

If you want some original materials from the 70s, and some French grandmas from the 70s to make your authentic original shoes, it would be pretty cool, opposite to made in china lame. But also the price will be opposite to cheap too. 

And don't dislike things made in china, maybe you were growing up wearing diapers from china. 

Get over yourself.


@lildwell That's my point! You nailed it.

Quality European-made = $$$$


N*99@Hyped Chinese-made = $$$$$$

I bet you're willing to drop $1,000 for a piece of a claimed-original Rolex watch with components Made in Switzerland but Assembled in China, aren't you?

Shawn Kemps Cocaine Problem
Shawn Kemps Cocaine Problem

@Sneeky This is the dumbest response to the article anyone could have made. 

Congrats on embarrassing yourself on the internet Sneeky. 


....and congratulations on exposing your ignorance on finer things in life.

You can only hope you will be raised in the upper echelon of the society if reincarnated.


@Sneeky@lildwell I wouldn't drop shit on a watch personally. To each his own. What makes your point retarded is that nobody claims to be making "original" retros. If they were "originals" they wouldn't have retro in the fucking name. European made shit is overpriced as well anyway. Now Adidas makes the highest quality "retros" available. They still use real Italian leathers. Instead of being made by old grandmothers they are made buy chinese kids. I have several pairs of Adidas and a pair of Balenciagas and both are holding up same. Hell I've worn my wings every other day with my Kamikaze IIs for over a year and they barely have toe box creases. That's quality for the price.
 My American made 574s on the other hand are a different story.


Will the gr's come with that tooth brush 

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