Kanye West x Air Jordan 6 “Donda West” Promo Sample

February 2nd, 2014 by | 27 comments

air jordan 6 kanye west 1 Kanye West x Air Jordan 6 Donda West Promo Sample

Long before Drake completed his OVO-styled Air Jordan Retros, Jordan Brand was whipping up specialties with the former Nike-affiliated hip-hop artist turned designer Kanye West. We know the Chicago-bred artist completed the Yeezy set with Nike, but with the Jumpman label, he created this Air Jordan 6 Retro in honor of his late mother Donda West. As you can see, there are several details that make this Retro pair stand out, like the floral accents that surround the shoe and the Donda West calligraphy on the insole. These 2008 samples are likely to never hit stores, so check out the samples below and let us know what you think.

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air jordan 6 kanye west 2 Kanye West x Air Jordan 6 Donda West Promo Sample

air jordan 6 kanye west 3 Kanye West x Air Jordan 6 Donda West Promo Sample

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@sneakernews enough with the Kanye stuff, it's over he signed with Adidas and his final shoe came out....


Nice pictures, can't really say much without seeing the whole thing, but anything with his name behind isn't all that great anyways.

M Sophie
M Sophie

Real strange but Nike & JB are not one in the same (technically speaking)


This will not be a release tho but theses I see very limited and it's 2014 and it's sad to see people still say hype beast lmo !


maan.....f$%& this n%&ga....i aint buyin nuttin that got his lame ass name on it......

Kev Loco
Kev Loco

I see you guys got the best pictures the world has to offer.



Shouldn't nobody buy this lame whinny baby ass negros shoes clothes or music.... whatever he put out should sit. He tries to go sell out, then when the upities don't want his ass he runs back to the hood and begs folks to buy his $^!+ after they (the super wealthy) reject his crazy stuck on his self ass. The negro is slap out of his mind


Maannnn.... You ain't lying bruh. We can see a quarter of the shoe. Wow


@IcySoleOnline no one cropped your damn name out the photo, your photo had like 5 tags all over it cause we seen it after. cut it out

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