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A History of Innovative Technology on Kobe Signatures

February 4th, 2014 by / 7

Kobe Bryant has been compared to one of his heroes since he entered the NBA at the tender age of 18.  It has proven entirely valid to debate his achievements alongside Michael Jordan’s: titles, points, Olympic golds – you name it, these two of the greatest shooting guards ever are right there at the top of the list.  Jordan’s sneaker line is of course unable to be surpassed, but this is another area where Kobe has put himself into that upper echelon.

One thing Air Jordans and Kobes (by both adidas and Nike) have in common is that they represent a scoring assassin so special, companies staked the culmination of their research and development process on a single luminary performer.  Kobe in particular has served as the face of technical innovation across his entire career.  The first ever Flyknit basketball shoe has his initials woven into its heel, so let’s look back into each of Kobe’s innovations leading up to this point.

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kobe iiis are like the uppers of hte lebron 8s and kobe 6s


What do Walt "Clyde" Frazier, Oscar Robertson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, MIcheal Jordan and Gilbert Arenas all have in common?

They all had low top sig shoes, before Kobe Bryant had his.

Clyde did it with Puma, Oscar with Spaulding, Kareem with LA Gear . . . and we know about MJ,  and then Arenas with Adidas.

I understand that many are blinded by the swoosh, and then some have even fallen victim to selective reasoning in regard to Kobe Bryant. However, you do yourself a grave disservice by ignoring all that has happened before Kobe Bryant was even born.


@Longstroke Jordan never had a "low" signature shoe...they were "mids" big difference...he had low versions like the 11 and 14 but didn't play in them..i'm pretty sure Arenas didn't come into the league till like 2002 or 2003 well after Kobe...can we even count those Pumas? look more like a skateboarding shoe, no one hoops in those!! Kareem and Big O im not sure bout...but you aint spittin 100% facts 


@Longstroke  thank you for that! i had a feeling that they were wrong when they said first lowtop bball sig.... but the kobe iv was definitely trendsetting and revolutionary in its own sense in how it really showed that ankle support does not come from the cut of a shoe, rather the actual lockdown and fit. also, it's revolutionary because it has really really popularized low top bball sneakers today.


@Whitemikenj @Longstroke  You do realize that there are pics of Jordan wearing his lows against Portland, right here on this site, correct? Do the research. Also, Gil's Adidas low shoe came out in 2006, and Kobe's came out in 2008, a full two years later  Also, I've seen people all over playing in sneakers that they are not supposed to be playing in, but that still does not discount  the fact the Clyde's WERE being played in, as they were a low cut sig, way before Kobe Bryant was even born.

So what are you going to say now, that Kobe made wearing high tops popular again?!

You can delete your post now.


@Da_Real_Big_Infinite  I know, I know. One should never let the TRUTH get in the way of a good story, right? 

Does it get lonely in that bubble of yours?

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