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SELECT Exclusive: Launching the Air Jordan XX9 & the Future of Jordan Brand

February 6, 2014 BY / 7

While it may seem like Michael Jordan and the brand that bears his name have done it all and achieved the highest pinnacles of success, it just wouldn’t be in their nature to sit back with their feet up, content to revel in the past. Jordan Brand certainly takes great pride in their unrivaled legacy and pays tribute to it often, but the main focus is, and always has been, style and performance innovation. With Michael’s fiercely competitive spirit always in mind, the brand is constantly exploring new ways to push things forward and grow the Jordan legend, whether it’s through their performance basketball offerings or their off the court lifestyle initiatives. Air Jordans have long been a cornerstone of both basketball and street culture around the world, but as we move forward, the brand will always be looking for new ways to evolve their products and expand their influence around the globe.

It’s been a year since the release of the Air Jordan XX8 and everyone has been eagerly awaiting the next game shoe, but in the meantime, there have been plenty of other juicy stories and intriguing brand initiatives to keep us occupied. With so much going on these days in the Jordan realm, there are a lot of burning questions regarding where the brand is headed and what will become of some of the major pieces that are already in place. We caught up with VP, Global Brand Jordan Marketing Director, Brian O’Connor, to get you the inside scoop on the Air Jordan XX9, plans for the Drake signing, the next Jordan signature athlete, and the future direction of the brand. Continue on for some insights into what’s to come  in 2014 and beyond as we delve into all the hot topics currently swirling around the Jordan Brand universe.


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At the end of the day, people purchase Jordan's for differ reasons! I like the look of the retroes and they will always be etched in my mind because I've had every pair from I thru XX in my lifetime. The performance of the later models are great. As a consumer, you probably didn't receive much info as you would like but you can bet that the envelope will continue to be pushed to bring the performance shoes to the market!!!


After reading this special I came away with no information.  The guy being interviewed dodged every question.  Basically he answered every question with the same response.  Exciting future, taking the brand in a new direction, yada yada. 


very cookie cutter interview. i don't care when the xx9s drop i just want to see them.


@moises alderson  they not forced to, they have to wear their signature shoe thats part of their contract, like joe johnson is a jordan brand player with no signature shoe and he wear retros and like ray allen, no signature shoe but wears retros. thats why they make p.e for them


@Aaron Kr @moises alderson

Different strokes for different folks.  Personally I enjoyed the article, it showed me that while respectful of MJ's legacy, and promoting it to the next generation. All the while JB is pushing forward the state of art, without having to solely rely on retro releases.  Great work AK, typically SN quality!! Which is why like JordansDaily, SN is my daily haunt!!

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