Will Kevin Durant Surpass LeBron James as Nike Basketball’s Biggest Athlete in 2015?

February 6th, 2014 by | 14 comments

kevin durant nike best athlete Will Kevin Durant Surpass LeBron James as Nike Basketballs Biggest Athlete in 2015?

According to MattSOS, Kevin Durant is the fastest growing (in terms of global sales) signature athlete in the world, quintupling his numbers from 2012 to 2013. Matt Powell of Sports One Source just laid out some basic numbers comparing figures from ’12 and ’13 from all the big guys in the signature shoe market – names like Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and Derrick Rose – and KD’s jump from $35 million in 2012 to $175 million opens doors to discussions regarding KD’s potential role as Nike’s #1 guy in 2015.

Will he surpass the current sales leader for Nike in LeBron James, who raked in $300 million in both years? Assuming the rate of growth stays the same, KD will certainly be number one, but there are various factors that support both sides; LeBrons continue to sell incredibly well – more so than last year’s model – which mean the $300 milion figure will probably increase, while KD’s stardom continues to rise – especially with the popular KD 6 and  an MVP/NBA Title very likely this year. Check out Matt’s full info below and let us know – will KD emerge, or is LeBron still the #1 baller for the Swoosh?

kevin durant fastest growing athlete Will Kevin Durant Surpass LeBron James as Nike Basketballs Biggest Athlete in 2015?

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@sneakernews I know there pushing k d hard. Went to the mall book bags every thing k d. Hardly no LeBron gear


i hope so- KD is a respectable person and a decent role model IMO


in all honesty, lebrons are a terrible shoe. people would rather pay 200 dollars for his trash shoe then rather go to school. his shoe cost more than a semester for one course. he doesnt even like the lebron 11. yet yall killing each other for his shoe. i dont respect lebron because he is a greedy mf.


@sneakernews KD will pass Lebrons in sales. But if KD shoes were $200 each release.... Then no he wont.


I like him as a person and a player but not a fan of any of his shoes


i think his stock goes up simply based off of his kicks being the #1 choice for kids and teens due to the price point and durability, you can jus wipe em off! 


damn KD definitely jumped something serious..... not a fan of his KD 6, but the nigga balls fo sure!


@nostfu You sound crazy, what college has semesters for under $200? And nobody kills over LeBrons, are you trolling or just foolish? And Nike prices the shoes, not LeBron.

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