A Preview of the Nike Basketball All-Star 2014 Display

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Yes Nike Basketball’s All-Star 2014 sneakers will be available to sneakerheads across the nation. But if you’re down in NOLA, there are some extra special displays surrounding the shoes that you’ve gotta see. Previewed here is one of those spaces, which of course centers to large extent around Kobe, LeBron, and Durant’s entries into that collection. There’s even another one of those insane LeBron 11 suits of armor. Get with us after the break and stay tuned for additional images from the spot as All-Star weekend approaches.

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Kobe a pussy? Lol maybe lebron not kobe he plays with pain equivalent to child birth thats why u woudlnt be able to function with half his injuries he plays with, so maybe its because he kills pussies like ur self so maybe u should save ur ignorantly placed comments for some typenof hype beast blog.


@tydagui89 Orly?

Here's a list that sums up his vagness nicely.

I rest my case.

1. Getting punched in his face by chris childs on national tv

2. Cheating on his wife with a popped white chick then payin 2.7 million to settle the case

3. Letting reggie miller(6'7 skeletor) body slam him on the scorers table after you started the f!ght

4. Running shaq outta town then going 34-48 without him

5. Shooting 47 shots in a game and missing 29 of them WTF

6. Phil jackson etherin him in his book

7. Blowing a 3-1 lead to phoenix

8. Getting blown out by 32 points in game 7 (phoenix 06)

9. Getting blown out by 39 points in the Finals against the Celtics

10. Shaq smackin him in 2001 forcing kobe to fall back at least 8-10 feet from intial point of contact (according to witnesses)

11. d*ckridin MJ to the point you stick your tongue out when u drive to the rack

12. Getting Booed relentlessly in your home town at the 2002 All star game while you accept you ball hogging mvp trophy

13. "Kobe, Tell Me How My a## Taste" - Shaq

14. Getting on Sports Radio and Crying for the Lakers to "Trade Me. Just Trade Me"

15. His feature verse on Brian Mcknight's song


@AllForTeags @tydagui89

Hey, moron.

Vagness is being to scared to compete in the Dunk Contest.
Vagness is running to MIA to team up with DWade when you cant do it in Cleveland.
Vagness is leaving Bill Russell off your top players of all-time list.
Vagness is conducting your own after practice dunk contests because you want all the attention without having to put your name on the line.
Vagness is running like a girl against Dallas in the Finals
Vagness is giving up against Boston in the playoffs. 

Vagness is taking shots at "common folk" because of your own insecurity after failing to perform in the Finals
Vagness is flopping like a litte punk.
Vagness is asking for an extended all-star break.
Vagness is claiming titles do not define your legacy because you know you can't win as many of Kobe or Mike or Magic.
Vagness is getting dunked on and trying to hide the video.
Vagness is getting your ass stuffed back to back possessions by the Mamba to lose the ASG.
Vagness... Is Lebron.

Badassery? That's Kobe.

Humbleness? Durant.


Moron? Son, you don't even know me, so cool it with the insults as you come off ignorant. Don't participate in adult discussions if you can't be civil, capisce?

Anyway, you make valid points. Don't assume because I dislike Bryant that I like James. Honestly, I grew up watching the Bulls when they couldn't beat Detroit. I watched Doug Collins come and go, so I'm jaded by that era of players and all these kids don't really impress me much when it all gets boiled down.

Now, GTF off my lawn.


It is no coincidence that Kobe's symbol resembles a uterus.


@AllForTeags  ROTFL! that's a good eye now that shozoku will never look the same. I'm surprised that their isn't any comments about that questionable butterfly tattoo he got after the cheating situation. Every time I see it i SMH beacuse i know she picked it out. He needs to be on tattoo nightmares and cover that shit up. I mean your sponsored by some of the best designers in the world who can come up with something original, why not take advantage of that. Im surprised many athletes dont get their sponsors like nike/ adidas... to design a one off tat. With all that being said Kobe is still the clocest thing to MJ we will get for some time though as far as will and drive to win.

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