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The ever-changing sneaker landscape is full of ebbs and flows, and while styles and even brands rise and fall in popularity, there will always be those individuals out there who never waver from what they love regardless of what everybody else is doing. Here in the U.S., we’ve seen a big spike in the popularity of classic New Balance runners in recent years. Love for the brand’s retro archive has been going strong for a long time in Asia and Europe, but it’s taken a little longer for the fever to catch on to the same degree in the Stateside sneakerhead community.

In large part, the turning point can be traced back to some stellar US-based collaborative efforts like Burn Rubber’s first MT580 and Concepts’ “Kennedy” 999 that got sneaker enthusiasts excited about a New Balance shoe in a way that had seldom been seen here prior. The momentum they built translated over into not only more coveted collab projects, but also a greater appreciation for New Balance’s heritage catalog in general.

As a result, all sorts of new NB fans have since come into the fold, but for all the tasty releases that have come their way recently, there are still decades worth of killer colorways and overseas collabs that have passed them by. That’s certainly not a problem for DJ Mars though. He’s been a diehard New Balance fanatic for over two decades and has been scooping up all the good stuff every step of the way. While touring the world as a DJ, Mars was cleaning up on NB heat and has put together one of the most impressive New Balance collections in the world.

His love and loyalty for NB have earned him a rare spot as a true ambassador for the brand, working with them directly on promotional campaigns, creating colorways, and even DJ-ing their events. Continue on for our interview with DJ Mars and an extensive look at his collection that still really only scratches the surface of all the treasures found inside his 20-plus years worth of New Balance boxes.

22 thoughts on “SELECT Collections: DJ Mars

  1. Nice collection, even though most will disagree because it’s not full of Nike and Jordan Brand imagery. Can never go wrong New Balance.

  2. the only reason people dont mess with nb as much is because of retail. people fail to realize these are made in America, have better quality, and are often collabs thus the high retail is well worth. Grabbed some burn rubber nb last month over the gamma blue 11s and not regretting it.

  3. Alejandro8675  Im glad they don’t. Not all are US made though, many are asian made (esp most collabs like the BRs you mentioned) and some are UK made as well. The US made ones though, I don’t think there is a better value for your dollar. Shits are ON POINT.

  4. garciataylor100  if you mean the West NYC 580, they dropped 2 years back. Best bet is talking a seller down on Ebay or looking on FB groups. Be careful, they do make reps of these. DS pairs though your looking at around 350 and up.

  5. FuckinTheWorld_  i chose not to show those because it would have been expected to post those.i tried to stray away from showing many collaborations.

  6. Good to know that Mars is with NB, im a NB afficionado and that company is unbelievable from quality to customer service to the models being amazing. I hope we can see more of his collection maybe even on video soon. Good shit Mars, and all you hypebeasts please stick to your crappy made Jordans

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