Victor Cruz Shows Off “Red October” Nike Air Yeezy 2

February 17th, 2014 by | 12 comments

victor cruz red october nike air yeezy 2 Victor Cruz Shows Off Red October Nike Air Yeezy 2

Normal people got their “Red October” Yeezy 2s by randomly getting lucky on that fateful Sunday, or by trading up a bunch of pairs in order to obtain them, or by really biting the bullet and paying out what people on eBay are asking. Famous people, Nike athletes particularly, get their “Red October” Yeezy 2s for free in the mail from their reps out in Beaverton. Victor Cruz is one of those people, as evidenced by this quick show off pic that he just threw up. Get the full shot below, which also features that brand new Jordan 6 “Infrared 23″, and then check out how much they’re going for on eBay.

Source: teamvic

victor cruz red october nike air yeezy 2 01 570x570 Victor Cruz Shows Off Red October Nike Air Yeezy 2

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I dont give a fuck what no one says these are FAKE. anybody that really knows shoes can see the flaws! Guarntee he flip that lace lock around and theres no roman numeral the spikes on the side are supposed to have a space between the stitching and qhere the spikes start. I could go on but you all will call me a hater. Shit fuck it lets all buy fakes. Plus the ones that wear sold via nike wear the only legit pairs made and im sure yeezy dont know victor to be like hey nike send him a pair.


Just another example of how the rich get richer. Capitalism at its best. 


all i see is two pair of ugly ass pink shoes

#NoNikeIn2014 The kick Game is officially over…Any real sneaker head is ignoring Nike's trolling and wearing something else


The whole sneaker game is now broken up into a few categories.

People who get shoes for free and then post it on their instagram or whatever.(Look at me and my free shoes you suckas!!!)

People who work at stores grabbing their pairs and letting the customers get whatever they feel like is decent leftovers and just coming with the excuse that "it was really limited". You can't really question the excuse considering all the quick strikes and whatnot.

People who get lucky in raffles/ twitter/online so they can eventually just sell on eBay anyway.

People who actually buy shoes because they want to wear them.


i tired of seeing all these FREE yeezys these famous ppl are gettin smh


@jpolo23  Shiiiiiid, I'm tired of seeing ALL the free kicks they get.


@Ahnubis @niruggg  no just for the ones that are tired of twitter links,raffles, RSVP, Lines (online and otherwise), and all the other BS hoops that Nike has people jumping through. I much rather go Old School LMAO you know, walk in a store buy my kicks and walk out lol

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