Sneaker News Staff Insights: April Fools’ Edition

April 1st, 2014 by | 4 comments

sneaker news staff insights april fools Sneaker News Staff Insights: April Fools Edition

We here at Sneaker News consider ourselves to be pretty savvy when it comes to navigating the typical footwear hunting pitfalls, but somewhere along the way, we’ve all fallen victim to some sort of raw deal. Whether it was an honest mistake, a blatant ripoff job, or just our own stupidity, just about every member of our team has an unfortunate personal story of a sneaker deal gone bad. With today being April Fools’ Day, it seemed like the perfect fit for this week’s installment of Staff Insights to take a look back at some dark days when we played the fool while trying to make moves.

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Jeez, Aaron, I think you may have overreacted on returning those Vs. I actually wonder about why some people buy kicks when I hear stories like this. Here was a pair of what you even admit were seemingly legit shoes that you got for about 35% of going price, and you freaked because of the color of the heel logo? I could see returning them if you paid $250 for them, or if you bought them from an authorized retailer at launch, but I personally would have been fine (and have always been fine, really) with Imperfects, B-Grades, etc. I'd just be pumped I got such good shoes so cheap. And if I was so nutty about the logo, I'd paint it white or something, but it kinda sounds cool that it was black, almost like it looked like the heel of the 3Lab5s.


BRENDAN - That's actually $228. So, ummm, lower the price.

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