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Jeremy Lin Presents The adidas Crazyquick 2 Low

April 28, 2014 BY / 12

3.50 / 5 (2 VOTES)

Jeremy Lin won’t have too much time this season to show off this new version of the adidas Crazyquick 2, as the Portland Trailblazers are doing their best to get him and the Rockets out of the Playoffs. Regardless of on-court appearance, Lin is still behind the silhouette – as shown with this new set of images that features the adidas Crazyquick 2 Low in a motif that certainly matches up with Lin’s current uni. Get a look at some more shots of the shoes after the click and stay tuned for an official rollout on this latest Crazyquick sneaker from the Three Stripes squad.

Source: Kenlu

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Filed under: Adidas Basketball Upcoming Sneakers



How hard is it to get a signature from the three stripes? I'm not saying Lin is good enough to have his own shoe but it would be a wise marketing move since he's so popular overseas. Other than D. Rose they don't really market the guys with signatures. Big men don't really sell shoes so Dwight's kicks don't move that well & other than that who do they have? Is josh smith still one of their big name players lol? All I'm saying is adidas needs to try and spread the wealth rather than just picking 4-5 guys to be the face of a team shoe.


Basketball aside, these kicks ain't bad though


Lin was the ****ing reason we lost game 4 to the Blazers. I'm done with him.


@_iandeleon_  yeah, he played 21 minutes, those other guys that played 30+ minutes and contributed 6pts a piece(Beverly, Asik) don't get any blame at all....


@Lurker111 Look, everyone had their faults... Harden doesnt play defense, hasn't shown up  as the superstar he should be, and is starting to cry like a baby. Also, as you said, not getting consistent play from role players. BUT... I still have to give this loss to Lin, because he turned the ball over in critical times. Once in regulation, when we had the lead with only 18 seconds left and caused the 3 from Mo Williams... and another in overtime when the game was still close and caused a run for the Blazers.

There was ALSO, the period in the 4th when we had a significant lead (like 7 or so) and he had 2 or 3 possessions, where held the damn ball forever before he made a move, causing the player he passes it to, to only have a few seconds to create a shot.

I'm sorry, but if that doesn't show you that he lost the game for us, I don't know what will.


He was stating that they had great role players around them, not that they were role players. Everybody said we (OKC) should have kept Harden! Why when we have two of the best offensive players in the game and we would have lost out on Ibaka also. If we could have kept both cool, but to choose between Harden (offense) and Ibaka (defense) that's a no brainer. Harden can play defense when he wants to honestly, he did for OKC! Houston has a leader issue right about now and they really don't know who the MAN is....


I hate to sound anal but besides Kidd none of the guys you listed were role players when they won their rings.


@_iandeleon_ @Lurker111  I couldn't argue with you, if this was actually Lin's team, but fact is, it's Harden's and Howard's team. Lin is a bench player. Harden will never lead this team to a championship because as you stated, he doesn't play defense. The team as a whole is very poor defensively.

All the teams that have won it all had role players who could do it all, Jordan, Bryant, James, Kidd, Duncan..


@_iandeleon_ @Zach Trimm@Lurker111 Well, he's also a reason y'all won Game 3 (HUGE recovery on Harden's turnover and a great assist to Troy Daniels)...  It's easy to pick a couple plays here and there and blame someone for the game.  Your team just really isn't THAT good, you lost both games at home for God sakes.

Zach Trimm
Zach Trimm

Let's not forget the layups that he consistently misses smh. But one person you CAN'T blame the loss on: Dwight. That man has been putting in work on the block and knocking down his free throws

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