SELECT Preview: Exploring the Air Jordan XX9

April 30, 2014 BY / 39

Whether Michael is playing or not, his latest shoes will always come with lofty expectations, and his brand will never rest when it comes to aiming to create worthy contributions to the unrivaled Air Jordan legacy. Earlier this month, Jordan Brand unveiled the long-awaited 29th installment of the Air Jordan signature franchise, complete with a media event in NYC and a flurry of visuals and info regarding the latest addition to the family. Now that the dust has settled, we’ve all had our first impressions and some time to soak it all in, so we thought we’d circle back for a closer look at the Air Jordan XX9, its materials and technology, and the impact it will have on the market when it hits store shelves this Fall.

If you were expecting the Air Jordan XX9 to look like a pair of IIIs or XIs with your skinny jeans, you’re still not getting it. Jordan Brand has undying reverence for their heritage, but their past is the past and they’re looking to push the limits of what can be done in the realm of performance innovation today and beyond. Air Jordans have always been about making the pinnacle basketball shoe for the court, so let’s stop expecting them to go backwards and just enjoy the ride as they continue to make ambitious contributions to the on-court experience.

42 thoughts on “SELECT Preview: Exploring the Air Jordan XX9

  1. i didnt expect them to look like the 3s or the 11s i expected to look better then they do tho the 28s had no design then have even less

  2. i didnt expect them to look like the 3s or the 11s but i did expect them to b better then these the 28s had basically no design these have even less

  3. These are probably about to be very good basketball shoes, that look horrible. The shape, and color schemes of the three I’ve seen so far are a joke. It shouldn’t be worth anything over $200

  4. These are straight out of the 90s when all clothes had huge ass logos. Get you some jeans with a big ass TH on the back pockets and you’ll look like a time traveler.

  5. I know these are going to be a great performance shoe but I also love the design I can’t wait for these to release and it should be an easy cop since the majority seems to hate them

  6. Almost every pair of 28s and 28se were never sold out…. they always had excess pairs to be sold and were good on he stocking of the shoes.

  7. Y’all some 90’s hip hop heads come on now y’all gotta move forward past that shit stop limiting y’all selves, y’all stay on that 90’s hip hop get over that shit!

  8. sneaker freak  Naw there are haters on every release but majority sell out I think these will too I’d reserve them if you really want them.

  9. dezzie79 sneaker freak  Yeah you are right about that so I’m most likely going to raffle for these

  10. air jordan shoes sale online and free shipping

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