A Map Of Every Nike Factory in the World

May 19th, 2014 by | 16 comments

nike map factory A Map Of Every Nike Factory in the World

Do you ever wonder where Nike sneakers are made? Which countries around the world create the apparel, footwear, and gear that constitute the Swoosh empire? The brand actually has an interactive map to answer just that question. The Nike Manufacturing Map has demographics on the million workers worldwide that are involved in making Nike products (Mind you the factories aren’t Nike owned, but rather contracted out to put their products together). While the aforementioned 1 million workers is certainly a big number, it might be getting smaller in the coming years given recent Nike moves. They got rid of around 100,000 manufacturing jobs in the past year, and they’ve become increasingly focused on automated modes of manufacturing (See Nike Flyknit) that might make events like the recent factory strikes a thing of the past. Get a look at the manufacturing map here and let us know in the comments if you’ve got any opinions on Nike’s moves away from traditional manufacturing.

Source: Biz Journals
nike factory map A Map Of Every Nike Factory in the World

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Steven Haddon
Steven Haddon

1 million workers making products, and they still sell out in 30 seconds....


"Global Sweatshops" 


*selects 'filter by factories that make quality sneakers' *
*entire map becomes blank*


Only two words "CHEAP LABOR"!


one HUGE discrepancy is how if you click on a specific Chinese factory, it will almost always show 0% under migrant workers. that is bullshiet. i'm willing to bet that a huge percentage of those Chinese factory workers are migrants from poorer areas that leave their families for years to work for Nike. cramming them into factory dorms and making them work like slaves. nike always wins.


yeah right..they are only going to close down the factories in which they have to follow standards and pay them fair wages, the ones in asia where they get treated like shit will only get bigger.

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