Macklemore Shows Off His Solefly x Air Jordan 3

June 1st, 2014 by | 8 comments

macklemore jordan 3 solefly Macklemore Shows Off His Solefly x Air Jordan 3

Macklemore just joined the short list of people with access to the Solefly x Air Jordan 3 sneakers (So far we know that Solefly’s proprietor as well as DJ Khaled have personal pairs). The acquisition isn’t entirely surprising given that Macklemore has been blessed with Jordan Brand exclusives before, most notably in the form of his own Melo M10s, but it does perhaps serve as a hint that their limited release is imminent. Take another look with us after the break and tell us in the comments if you’re feeling the Solefly x Air Jordan 3.

Source: Macklemore

macklemore jordan 3 solefly 01 570x570 Macklemore Shows Off His Solefly x Air Jordan 3

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Same muthafuckers making these negative comments about a mans looks or fashion sense are fucking lames who would love to have fans cheering their name at a concert and probably could be on stage. But yet they resort to wasting time online bashing stars instead of pursuing your dreams and becoming one yourself. That hate isn't a good look for any of you miserable fucks. Get off your ass & computer with the constant time wasting hateful comments and make some haters of your own. Instead of being the motivation for others who feed off your constant misery, making you so pissed at them for having what you don't.


Dope McFresh - I want that Fleetwood... and the kicks.


OMG! Cyndi Lauper is finally making her comeback. New kicks, same trademark hat! Good luck ma'am

Cop em and Rock em
Cop em and Rock em

Wanted these since I first saw them.

I don't care if heads don't want these or say "they're crap", cause that'll just make my "limited chance" Better!


Irony of Macklemore from his song "Wings" hahahaha.........


Lmfao Niruggg your the epiotome of these lames with all the time in the world to waste making dumbass comments. Theirs still hope for bigots like yourself. All you gotta do is keep your stupid ass remarks to yourself and focus on your gay lover's needs more. I'm sure he doesn't like hearing you disrespect ya'lls sexuality.We're all happy you and him are aware of your gay rights and exercised that right by becoming man & man. It's been world news already bro, I'm pretty sure everyone knows. Guess your just so excited you wanted to share the news and assumed I have the same personal prefrence as you and your gay lover. That's not my lifestyle so I'd appreciate it if you express your new found happiness to other's who are happy to share in your experience.

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