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SELECT Collections: BikeManX Part 2 – Air Force 1s

June 5, 2014 BY / 22

A few weeks ago, we brought you a look at Bronx collector extraordinaire BikeManX’s incredible collection of PEs, samples, rarities, and special editions, but it barely scratched the surface of the jaw-dropping treasures that lie within. With his all-time favorite shoe being the Nike Air Force 1, you can imagine that he’s got quite the stockpile of them, and Part 2 of our BikeManX SELECT Collections feature focuses on just that.

If you like Air Force 1s, you’ve come to the right place, as we can confidently say you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more extensive assortment of rare AF1 heat anywhere on the web. When it comes to PEs, promo samples, and obscure AF1 gems, there aren’t too many collectors out there that can hold a candle to what BMX is sitting on, so get comfy and dig into one of the most impressive Air Force 1 arsenals you’ll ever lay eyes on.

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There is so many forces that are unbelievable that it have even seen them through a computer screen for someone to own them that's unreal. You are a don in the shoe collector world, forget lebrons Jordan's Kobe's kd's even though you have lebron and Kobe af1's your collection could never, ever be touched and I'm blessed to even see It on sneaker news.


Salute! Much respect fam.


I thought afro kix had the best af1 collection. But this guy.... crazy. I didnt even know 90% of these shoes existed

Tyrell Samuels
Tyrell Samuels

so sick. I wanna see these with white laces though


The sneaker that started it all for me, my all time favorite sneaker. Bury me in my ones


Man, so many dope AF1's!!! Wish Nike would design dope colorways like back in the days. Unfortunately, they'll never JUST DO IT ("... you couldn't get this colorway if you had a personal genie..."). Simply UNLIMITED design possibilities for 'em.


The Sickest collection of Ups I have ever seen. This dude is the AF1 King


uptown's will always be dope to me!!

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