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Sneaker News NINE@NINE: Air Jordans We Hope to See Remastered

June 10, 2014 BY / 6

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Last week, news broke that Jordan Brand would be “remastering” the retro line beginning in Spring 2015. This process focuses on reorienting the brand’s retro offerings towards a higher standard of quality, which will be achieved through production processes that place greater emphasis on uniformity and adherence to the original molds, materials, and shapes that Michael played in. It’s a move that the community of Air Jordan fanatics has been waiting on for years, and one that’s been celebrated early on (Save for the word regarding the 10%-15% price increase). The news regarding the remastering even came with some promised models for 2014: Air Jordan 4s, Air Jordan 7s, and Air Jordan 10s.

Particularly striking about the group that has been announced is the emphasis placed on retro colorways rather than original ones. Sure, the Air Jordan 10 “Chicago” is in there, but other than that, we’re seeing a reprisal of colorways like the “Oreo”, “French Blue”, and others that suggest Jordan Brand is ready to revisit those years when they were first experimenting with creating new colorways for existing models. They’ve done this before of course; the Air Jordan 11 “Cool Grey”, Air Jordan 6 “Olympic”, Air Jordan 5 “Laney”, and others all returned to fanfare in recent years. But the upcoming group seems to be the harbinger of even more of this sort of mining of the archives – especially if you lump in the rumored 2015 pairs floating around on the internet. In lieu of the news, we combed through the archives ourselves in search of which releases between Jordans IV, VII, and X we’d like to see remastered for a 2015 return. Check out our selections in this latest Sneaker News NINE@NINE piece and give us your own selections in the comments.

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i just read that they bumpin the price up 10-15% next year thats ome tremendous bullshit


But I had to comment about the choice picks u guys made for remastering those r som sorry picks y not nothing from the 80s all those were released n 2000s I want the og black an red 4s wings I call them oooooooooh I wld kill em on the court


If I could pick 10, I don't think I would pick any of these. If I was limited to just IV, VII and X's (So what if that's what they're starting with?!) I would still pick at least 7 different.


Another day another Jordan article. ..smh....don't they think we tired of this shit yet?


Bro I was thinking the same shit, SN is the most hype dragging ass shoe site out here. Shit come out and they beat it to def, they always feel the need to keep dragging on things we see on sites daily and now its time to move on. We gone hear this shit anytime any retro drop from now to next year about should this retro get the remastered and blah blah blah, just give it up for a long while now


Reality is is that it is almost 300 million people n America a lot who love air jordan then there r people all around the world who rock jordans all of which if they can afford jordans they hav a smart phone wit 24 hr access to all the hype u want u guys can complain but we b on here commenting like hell can't wait to get our hand on a pair of jays so mostly it's us who build hype s/n jus post the articles

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