Richard Hamilton Gives Away Air Jordans In A Challenging Way

June 17th, 2014 by | 13 comments

air jordan retro give away rip hamilton Richard Hamilton Gives Away Air Jordans In A Challenging Way

How greedy would you get if Richard Hamilton told you that you could carry out as many of his Air Jordan retros as you wanted, just as long as they all fit in your own two hands? That’s the challenge that the former NBA Champion is doling out to some lucky sneakerheads today, as they’re allowed to grab whatever they want from his recent pick ups, but if they drop anything on their way out then everything stays. Pictured here is a pair of the Air Jordan 7 “Hare” as well as yellow and green boxes from what looks to be this weekend’s Air Jordan Brazil Pack along with another 10 or so boxes. While it doesn’t quite look like everything will fit through that front door archway, we commend the effort to grab as many retros as humanly possible. Hit the click for more and stick with Sneaker News for all your Jordan Brand updates.

Source: Richard Hamilton

richard hamilton jordan retro sneaker challenge 570x570 Richard Hamilton Gives Away Air Jordans In A Challenging Way

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I don't care if I don't wear size 15. I would love to do this if given a chance. 


Damn Rip, where you live? Just gimmie like 5.

sneaker freak
sneaker freak

I would have only went for 8 pair it's better to make it out with 8 pairs then be greedy going for 14 pairs and dropping the whole stack 

Laced up
Laced up

What about the kids man? I know there are some youngsters in need that could have used these for camp or saved for start of school. I know his heart was in a good place giving them away. But to grown folks, c'mon, think about the kids man.


I would have grabbed 10 boxes and been cool. From experience I know I could carry that many without dropping any. This is great


@Laced up I'm from his hometown of Coatesvile Pa. He gives to the kids ALL the time. His AAU squad stays in fresh kicks. Don't worry about that. lol

Zach Trimm
Zach Trimm

Did he really? Cause I don't see him in this picture

Laced up
Laced up

I did was in H.S........and if they was too big, just roll some socks up and stick in the toe till your feet grow.


They could flip them... That's the best option.

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